The seaside football club Blackpool is on the precipice of a second successive relegation due to a team made up of poorly motivated and undermanaged players . But the root cause of the situation goes back to the chairman Karl Oyston and his father who has had his fair share of controversy throughout his life . So now the owners of Blackppol FC, the Oystons, are being put under increasing pressure to leave.

Since their relegation from the premiership , when all was looking so hopeful for the clubs future and the spirits of the Blackpool fans were high , the club and its fans have been left shocked and underwhelmed by the lack of attention and investment to their club . They feel cheated and nauseous towards the Oyston familys disinterested and selfish greed for themselves , money and lack of interest for Blackpool FC’s well being .

For many of Blackpools passionate fans it’s hard to see where the end game can be and it feels like the club will get relegated again next year sliding into oblivion and moving permanently away from any known or credible football presence .

The following photo taken by myself ©Stephenshaw and posted on my Twitter and Facebook feed shows a dramatic moment , captured when thousand of fans marched through Blackpool showing a love and passion for their home club Blackpool Fc , the tragedy of the oyston familys neglect and the fans anger towards them , demanding an end to the current situation . It’s a stunning picture showing the intensity and feeling of the moment with the people demanding that oyston leaves and shouting #oystonout . The fans only hope is a striving for Blackpool to become great once more. The bitter pill of defeat and relegation they have had to swallow tastes even harsher because of being suddenly deprived of football majesty after winning at wembley in 2010 . Blackpool and its fans need a manager that can bring new hope and glory its way again .




Combat 18 Protest .

Today whilst driving down the promenade in Blackpool I came across a neo nazi protest by combat 18 . A large number of people had gathered in balaclavas and were showing their contempt for the numbers of immigrants being allowed into the country , particularly polish and Muslims . They were shouting hate speech over a loudspeaker and microphone tannoy system . 
Unfortunately ….and which is not usually the case I only had my iPhone on my person . I usually go equipped ^^ . But I suppose something is better than nothing . 

They was quite a bit of unruly commotion and the odd scuffle breaking out between right wing instigators and a gang of polish men who seemed to be making regular phone calls . The police protest liaison officers were in sight with lots of normal police and some police medics scattered about . The protesters were making a point about some alleged Muslim rapes that happened the previous night and also how our government has sold us out and we are second class citizens in our own country . 

   This was a moment just before two people were heckling each other and they came close to blows , a combat 18 man and a polish male . 
There were lots of different flags and banners supporting both sides of the argument . Buffer zones were set up to keep different groups apart and people were shouting at the men in balaclavas to show their faces , which they eventually did prior to there speech over the tannoy .