Making Job Opportunitys .



A cv is a transaction of entering the industry . You need it when developing your sustainable practice .

What do employers want

I am looking to be self employed . My personal brand is what people say about you when your not in the room .


I need to demonstrate in my cv that I can do the job successfully . Show my passion and that I will love the job an employer will then know I will work hard and trust in me . Demonstrate that I will love it by showing my love for photography and all my projects etc in the cv . Show I Can be worked with and what am I bringing to the company , show the employer how if they don’t hire they will be making a mistake .

At the top we have the heading which is my personal details . I put my name , Professional email and mobile number together with links to my work .

My professional profile is a short punchy and positive statement . To ensure the employer or client gets a feel for the role and area of practice I am interested . It should also encourage them To read on . Avoid overblown unsupported superlatives eg like incredibly experienced . Demonstrate by the things I have how brilliant I am and where I am going in this world .

The best example is …A Ba Hons Photography student studying at Blackpool and the Fylde college . I am seeking work experience . My interest is blah blah …….aspects of photography . And working in blah blah . My final dissertation was on and deepened my knowledge and love of photography . I feel there is … and I can do this for photography .

The 4 A ‘ s

  • Activity set the scene
  • Aim what did you set out to achieve
  • Action what did you do to achieve this task
  • Achievement what was your outcome , good or bad .


Then after my personal statement I include my personal qualifications and Professional training . Do reverse chronological order concentrating on quals  and Proffessional training . Summarise GCSEs , Proffessional experience and individual or team projects , exhibitions , competitions , scholarships , study tours , proffessional development , publications , collaborations , zeens books etc . Also include a link to my personal website with a teaser . Creatives deal with the unknown so reflect this .




Industry Engagement .

Colin Big Issue

To engage with the industry in some way shape or form and take place in some kind of industrial research .

You have to prepare a document cv and learn how to put a good one together and be more efficient at doing so as a specific type of cv is required .

It’s also a good idea to do a work placement or work experience ( Imagine getting a work experience with one of your aspirations such as Bruce Gilden ) This would be good ….But what will you learn ? It is superior practice to get a work experience in somewhere where you learn something . It’s of greater value to yourself to synthesis something worthwhile out of it . The quality of your placement doesn’t matter what matters is how much you learn from it . You need to put some effort into this eg email places , use Twitter to contact people and create your own employment . Encourage your own individual entrepreneurialism and make sure you get stuck into it . There are methods of gaining funding for this from the student hardship or access fund eg travel expenses etc will be funded . Set up a kick starter if it’s a good idea . Get to grips with what you are interested in or excited about . We are artists and creators we pull beautiful things out of nothing .

Britain has a good creative industry and has good cultural ideas bringing a lot of money into the country .

Our country is sustainable through trickle down economics . If we make the country a playground for rich people will it sustain us as a country .? Large organisations run on big ideas they want to be hooked into the culture before anyone else . Think about how my visual skills could help a big company out like this .

Where are these placements ?

1 The web .

Prospects web site to search for work placements . Look abroad for a placement . If it looks scary you should definitely be going there .

The big choice ( website , large organisations ) large organisations generally have a small place for people in work experience . *Indeed . ( website ) search Photography placement England . A motivated person can turn these into something good .

2 Approaching practitioners . You can cold call but sometimes they don’t like this but I think this is a good idea . Going to the employers and making friends with them it could get you a placement easier and quicker . Get your strategy sorted . Email them .

Try Hothouse . You can present your work this is the route you need to take . People want to hire their pals so it would be a good idea to create bonds and friendships . Get your name down on the events that are offered you .

3 Professional body for photographers . *Association for photographers ( I joined the AOP as a student member and gained lots of insight and numerous benefits . As a member I would advise that you need to be a member of this peer group . There is an app a magazine and insurance . Usage calculator , which calculates your work  .

You could also enquire about The British institute for professional photography .

4 Entering competitions . I would also advise on entering as many competitions as possible such as lensculture , sony photography awards taylor wessing or BJP . Not only for your own personal pleasure but for many reasons such as exposure to people in the industry and help in growing your skills and reputation Also the prizes are a great incentive . If you have any luck as I did through entering the lensculture portrait awards you may win a prize such as an editors portfolio which helped me and increased my confidence . All the work I post to this portfolio goes straight to the lensculture editiors which is also a great incentive to do quality and original work .

5 The Agency . This is an opportunity in my own college and located in blackpool it could give you a placement in photography .

How could I get my hands on a work placement

1 Become friends with them .

2 Be professional .

3 Do a good speech .

4 Prepare a covering email

5 Prepare an online portfolio

Start writing a covering email . Mail chimp, it can see if your email is effective or your website is effective . it checks how long people look at your email or open it for etc . Invite people to look at my website .

Attach a pdf portfolio .

Persuade . Blag .

How to write a covering email

Detail your reason for the email, i.e. to deliver a CV as part of your job application;

  • Give the exact details of the job you’re applying for i.e. the company name, position and any reference number;
  • Highlight which skills you have that would be relevant for the position
  • Make sure you finish the letter on a positive note. Perhaps try something like ‘I believe that I have all the skills and experience necessary to make a success of the position. I hope to hear from you soon.’

Because email is a more instantaneous and friendly form of communication, you should leave out your address details, go straight into ‘Dear XYZ’.

General tips

  • Use the journalists ‘rule of thumb’ and try and keep sentences fewer than 35 words long;
  • Try and get someone else to read over your email before you send it;
  • Save all job application emails and applications (if you can) as they could be useful to refer to if you need to answer any questions;
  • Don’t be too formal;
  • Don’t excessively repeat anything;
  • Keep your email short and sweet.



The Boat Man


For just one coin …

He will take your hand
and row across the black abyss.
Hell sweep you to his threshold,
into purgatory where you can’t possibly exist .

Basic Raw Skills

This is one of the basic procedures I use when processing my raw files . Every single image I process is done uniquely in camera and post according to how i feel and my concept at the time . First you should open your new raw file in photoshop . I prefer to change to my own taste in raw all by eye instead of using auto which i only use when rushing ( oops ) , or to keep consistency in a batch .


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 09.03.25

Temp Lowered to 5200 because it looked too warm .

I lowered clarity a touch and increased the sharpness a touch . The most effective way is to increase Sharpness slightly and the radius to 1.7 which is the most efficient , at the same time that you decrease Clarity. This helps retain realistic looking texture in the skin and avoids a false look .

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 09.03.38

Slightly increase dehaze ,

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 09.05.51

 also lower the contrast and open the shadows a touch .

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 09.28.59

Duplicate layer ( Always rename your layers e.g. this one is multiply etc to avoid confusion and make clear your intentions ) multiply with opacity usually pleasing to the eye it happily sits between 30 and 50 per cent  . Black and white adjustment layer and a curves adjustment layer  Press auto on these and adjust from auto to your own preference and as with all the tools at our disposal manipulate them to agree to our preferred concepts and enhance the refrain if you can make a link or gain further knowledge for yourself and others by doing so .

Flatten image .

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 09.34.24.png

Duplicate layer . Convert to smart object , filter > smart sharpen , zoom in on the eyes usually 200 %  start at zero percent motion blur and increase slowly by eye to the preferential quality of sharpness ( Not too much not too little …. Just perfect ) .

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 09.36.35.png

Turn off the smart filter go to channels drag the red channel to create a copy then press command invert and drag to load channel as selection . Press command invert and drag red copy to load channel selection then press select RGB and return to layers . Turn the smart filter on and add filter mask to selection .

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 09.42.00

Duplicate layer name it heal or blemish as I do . Alter brush size to the smallest possible and  zoom into desired area spot healing away any unwanted blemishes e.g. spots or freckles . Another good way to improve the look of your models skin is by using frequency separation retouching .The principle of Frequency Separation Retouching relies on the differences between the two concepts: High frequency images are detailed, and sharp, and low frequency images are blurred, soft and contain only the tones of the image… no skin detail .Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 09.46.52.png

Also stray hairs or unwanted unsightly eye drawers , as i call them ,that distract your attention from the subject , or just generally make the image feel or look untidy .

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 09.53.46.png

Next create a soft light 50% grey layer . Cmd Shift and N selecting soft light in the drop down menu and ticking the  50% grey box . This is to dodge and burn ) Light and shadow ) the image as required e.g. the eyes ( Highlights ) or creating greater textured effects in the skin ( Wrinkles ) if desired depending on your final notions or results .

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 09.55.38.png

Select to appropriate size brush for the chosen area , I like to go small brush and detailed to create a better effect it takes more time but is worth it. Also keep the exposure between 10 and 30 % for small incremental subtle changes . Whilst your dodge/burn alter the brush size using tab ( Mac ) . In a good portrait one of the areas I concentrate the Dodge and burn in are around the eyes , eyelash etc always going for a realistic but enhancing effect . Use this procedure in th same way on any other areas you feel require attention .

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.03.08.png

Next I use a noise reducing and ( premade action ) light enhancing layer or you can also increase grain depending on the final outcome your again desire .

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.13.58.png

I also neutralise the whites and correct any obvious or unwanted colour casts to achieve what is the most optically realistic image according to my eye . Use the opacity and fill layers levels to constantly experiment with each layer always looking for perfection or a better look .

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.21.33










Addicted to telling stories .

Even when I’m asleep my brain tells me stories .

Today i got speaking to a drug addict who looked desperate . I find it a shame that people reach these unfortunate states in there lifes due to aspects such as drug abuse in our society that seem so easy to … or should in theory be more simple to solve in our contemporary society . But for which reasons most of us could not even fathom this way of life seems to continue if not even thrive in modern culture . It seems as if money per greed and hyman selfishness allow it to continue for factors deemed more important such as social strata , individual pleasure or if just gets too much for some .

Its similair to a crutch for our deepest nightmares .

This shot was taken whilst on another recce acquiring more material for my new project .

Ive been up since the early hours but its all been worth it as I have had one of those great days where i have accumulated some great material that I’m very satisfied with .  Time now for a cup of kigomo expresso whilst I make a start on a book review with my eyes half shut .

I am also very pleased to have been noticed by American Suburb X . Many Thanks ASX .

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 21.06.02.png

I will add more details to this post tomorrow .

The Qualia Of Mary II

Making a Panoramic Image .


Marys shell in Cleveleys , Blackpool .

1 . First Compose and rotate the camera handheld to find your best panorama spot .

2 . Next level the tripod by using the spirit bubble . Then use the virtual horizon on your camera if you have one . On the nikon D750 press the info button untill it appears .

3 . Set Auto white balance or set to daylight in each for consistency if you are unsure then you can alter in post process .

4 . I then use and set to either f22 or f 16 and focus to infinity .
5  . Loosen the panning on your tripod when you take each picture with 50 % overlap .
Tighten up on each shot  .

6 . I use 5 to 10 vertical portrait images for a panorama . For a good print 5 is best .


File> automate> merge> browse (insert files ) . Tick blend images together . You can tick vignette removal if you want , but you don’t have to . Tick geometric distortions correction and only use Content aware if you are certain as it cannot be completely relied upon .


Photo >photomerge >panorama ,

Combat 18 Protest .

Today whilst driving down the promenade in Blackpool I came across a neo nazi protest by combat 18 . A large number of people had gathered in balaclavas and were showing their contempt for the numbers of immigrants being allowed into the country , particularly polish and Muslims . They were shouting hate speech over a loudspeaker and microphone tannoy system . 
Unfortunately ….and which is not usually the case I only had my iPhone on my person . I usually go equipped ^^ . But I suppose something is better than nothing . 

They was quite a bit of unruly commotion and the odd scuffle breaking out between right wing instigators and a gang of polish men who seemed to be making regular phone calls . The police protest liaison officers were in sight with lots of normal police and some police medics scattered about . The protesters were making a point about some alleged Muslim rapes that happened the previous night and also how our government has sold us out and we are second class citizens in our own country . 

   This was a moment just before two people were heckling each other and they came close to blows , a combat 18 man and a polish male . 
There were lots of different flags and banners supporting both sides of the argument . Buffer zones were set up to keep different groups apart and people were shouting at the men in balaclavas to show their faces , which they eventually did prior to there speech over the tannoy .