Addicted to telling stories .

Even when I’m asleep my brain tells me stories .

Today i got speaking to a drug addict who looked desperate . I find it a shame that people reach these unfortunate states in there lifes due to aspects such as drug abuse in our society that seem so easy to … or should in theory be more simple to solve in our contemporary society . But for which reasons most of us could not even fathom this way of life seems to continue if not even thrive in modern culture . It seems as if money per greed and hyman selfishness allow it to continue for factors deemed more important such as social strata , individual pleasure or if just gets too much for some .

Its similair to a crutch for our deepest nightmares .

This shot was taken whilst on another recce acquiring more material for my new project .

Ive been up since the early hours but its all been worth it as I have had one of those great days where i have accumulated some great material that I’m very satisfied with .  Time now for a cup of kigomo expresso whilst I make a start on a book review with my eyes half shut .

I am also very pleased to have been noticed by American Suburb X . Many Thanks ASX .

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 21.06.02.png

I will add more details to this post tomorrow .

The Qualia Of Mary II

Making a Panoramic Image .


Marys shell in Cleveleys , Blackpool .

1 . First Compose and rotate the camera handheld to find your best panorama spot .

2 . Next level the tripod by using the spirit bubble . Then use the virtual horizon on your camera if you have one . On the nikon D750 press the info button untill it appears .

3 . Set Auto white balance or set to daylight in each for consistency if you are unsure then you can alter in post process .

4 . I then use and set to either f22 or f 16 and focus to infinity .
5  . Loosen the panning on your tripod when you take each picture with 50 % overlap .
Tighten up on each shot  .

6 . I use 5 to 10 vertical portrait images for a panorama . For a good print 5 is best .


File> automate> merge> browse (insert files ) . Tick blend images together . You can tick vignette removal if you want , but you don’t have to . Tick geometric distortions correction and only use Content aware if you are certain as it cannot be completely relied upon .


Photo >photomerge >panorama ,




Sun-light shafts breaking out over Windermere shortly after fog and rain today . Viewed from Kirkstone Pass .

Today i have been very lucky to spend time in the lake district .

I travelled to windermere and up kirkstone pass experiencing thick fog and slight rainy conditions . At the top we enjoyed a drink in the kirkstone pass Inn . A very pleasurable and relaxing place in fantastic surroundings. Perfect for a nice long walk and then back to the inn to watch the sunset with a pint and a lengthy talk about the Inns past and its legendary hauntings with the landlord .


The only problem is that after views like this you don’t want to go home .

Infra Red



I have been experimenting with different infra red effects in photoshop . Infra red is good to use with landscapes ( I like the reds whites and candy pinks as they are so surreal ) but is also good in BW Infra red portraits . Architecture is another good option with its dark sky effect . Here is my favourite procedure which you could save as an action .

1 . If you have lightroom then firstly adjust all settings to your preference but i like to specifically fully open the shadows and lower the highlights with this infra red technique . Duplicate your image layer in photoshop and set it to overlay blend at 60 % opacity , name this ” Infra Red “.

2 . Next add a channel mixer layer ( You can click monochrome  or not to produce a slightly different effect ) and set reds to 100 , green to 200 and blue to – 200 . Drag this layer below your duplicated layer and above the original .

3 . Select your ” infra red ” layer and go to image> adjustments > Hue/saturation , select the yellow channel and put your hue to – 130 ( you can choose your own preferred hue here it doesn’t have to be -130 )and your saturation to 40 .

4 . If you want a more realistic effect it would be good idea to add a 10 % gaussian blur layer as real infra red film tends to be slightly blurry ( which i did in the second shot below ) .

5 . After this you can adjust using any other techniques you prefer to your own liking .

Above and below are some of my own images I have used with the same technique .


Hadrians Scythe



Wrynose Pass

St George


I find it childlike and satirical that some groups use St george as their fantasy symbol of unity against multiculturalism when he is was originally half Turkish and half Palestinian . We should all teach our children to learn to respect each other regardless of their ethnicity , playing and working together as one . We are all human beings . Slay the dragon of ignorance and St George who has been used by some to divide could ironically be used to heal this division by uniting everyone regardless of their perceived identity . We are all one and the same .


Not the usual day today ! There was so much going on everywhere I looked . My eyes were met with a feast of typical Blackpool promenade Culture . Drunks . Tourists . Homeless . Drug Addicts . Hen and Stag partys . Screaming gangs of Hooligans wanting to fight and cause misery for their own satisfaction . But what really caught my eye and filled my mind with agitation was not the fact that two male homeless men , who had slept in a nightclub doorway were getting ready for another day on the road . Not that they were smoking crack in broad daylight . Not that they were pushing a pram around with all there belongings in whilst drinking last nights left over cider ( Urine ? ) . Or that they were selling rag mags or some other form of stolen magazine for 2 pound a piece to buy more drugs and alcohol , as these are all common place in Blackpool . But  i couldn’t understand why there was a young girl poking her head out from inside the pram storage tray canopy under the main seat  , behind the jack russel dog , where the orange bag of clothes was given priority .


Homelessness is very sad , but a homeless child is even worse .

Jail Bird

Whilst photographing my daughters prom night at the De vere in Blackpool , we were joined by this little ( Big ) guy , who displayed great timing and a flagrant disregard for the rules . Yes i do know its not a real Jail-bird who doesn’t speak English and he can’t understand the word ” No ” . Someone gave me the great pleasure of asking  this same question last night 😀 to which i replied …..


What a clever bird !

The word parrot came to mind but they speak by mimic which is not quite the same , but i do know that some birds actually have counting and observational skills similiar to a five year old child .

Repeat Off-ender