Limited Edition Hahnemuhle Gicle Prints



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I am selling my original ltd edition signed 1 of 1 hahnemuhle A3 prints for a short time only, trying to raise £1000 and donate it to cancer research uk.

These are professional A3 gicle prints on hahnemule photorag which increases their desireablity. Each print has distinctive toothed surface textures making them one of one original and authentic ltd editions. They are double sided with mechanical and natural textures giving the image superior quality and depth.



Oyston Out

Each work of art comes with a signed certificate of true authenticity and an authentic traditional haiku poem by the author Stephen Shaw. These professional prints should only be handled with gloves and kept in a storage container or hung and mounted in a high quality wall frame mount. This prevents deterioration from oils, dirt and atmosphere which will maximise on their life, which is currently 100 years plus with correct care and attention. Each print is hand prepared by myself on authentic hahnemuhle Photorag paper with decalled edges, and signed with an authentic, antique Japanese needle pen.



Unknown person. Preston Subway.

You can also pick any image from one of my more recent projects as a signed 1 of 1 or an unsigned 1 of 10 limited editon print.




Just go to my website choose an image then mention the ” image title and 1 of 1 or 1 of 10 ” on checking out with ebay or etsy in the special notes/message to seller, section. Or you can pick one of four I have displayed here.



Ingleton Falls

“Shaw’s work is raw and real. He’s a brave one, attracted to what many would run from”. PP Hartnett.

Photographer/Artist Stephen shaw


The Diddies due 01 july 2017, print

Ltd Edition digital hahnemuhle prints : available upon request

Silver gelatin photographs : available upon request

Trip Magazine.

Take a look at my work documenting  the last inhabitants of Queenstown, a Blackpool high-rise revealing how decreased social mobility can cause deprivation and isolation
featured on Trip Magazine uk.







A Weekend in Amsterdam


Ahhh Hallo …. Yesterday the elusive passport arrived and all the christmas supplies came early so I’ve been thinking about where to go for a bit of a wild adventure ( before I get to develop the 10 rolls 120 film I’ve been acquiring over the past 6 months and patiently waiting to look at with fresh eyes ) .


I thought paris as its definitely a photographers dream destination but that can wait until next year . Then columbia was mentioned as you can get a woman bb and drink all night for a tenner …..apparently ( ok for some but Not my scene I’m happily married ) , and …  i don’t fancy bumping into Pablo Escobar any time soon I don’t think I would make it home . Anyway its been decided that Amsterdam is a good first choice due to cheap costs and short flying time .

UkpassportFilm-8So … with my film supplies arriving early Im very excited to use the pentax 67 and kodak portra 120 for some hopefully ” Gorgeous Documentary Portraits  “, I hear it has amazing clarity and fantastic skin tones . Supposedly its the best you can get along with the tri – x .

Opportunitys for street and portraitures should be off the chart as I hear  you can legally fuck and smoke weed outdoors . So I presume most people will definitely have a more laid back and different perspective on life in Amsterdam 😉 . Hopefully less of a problem having their picture took , I suppose thats if they even realise , too busy stoned or in the throes of passion to notice my camera .

I hear its not only cannabis you can buy over there but also ecstasy and mushrooms . Also quite popular with cocaine and my pal seems to know the language well ” Hoe kom ik aan coke, kankerlijer ” ? Trust its right he’s an expert .

Mushrooms were banned in 2008 but they always seem to find loopholes everywhere , never mind in a lawfully relaxed place like the dam , so they now sell truffles which contain psilocybin and ecstasy in places called ” smart shops ” .

The food sounds nice as well roti ( curried chicken ) , drop ( sausage and mash dam style ) and stampot ( local liquorice sweet ) being a few to choose from .

So I am looking forward to experiencing the culture of these people and documenting their lives .

Ill try and continue posting and updating but if not and you don’t hear from me in the next 2 weeks either the planes blown up or I’ve been kidnapped and you’ll find me in a window somewhere in the dam  . Contact the British Consulate ……. Dank u und Tot ziens