Nostalgia .

Over the weekend i decided to work with  one of the six words from our main technical studio session assignment .

I chose”  Nostalgia ” A sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past . I used a small old fashioned victorian dollhouse for the set and played around with the camera angle and lighting to create the ghostly figure in the window longing for times gone by . Below is the image i created :

The Nostalgic ghost_

The studium is the lighting and nostalgic victorian setting of the dollhouse and the punctum would be the ghost looking through the window reminiscing of times gone by . I hope people feel the same feeling as what i had in mind when creating this , it is my first attempt at using the word nostalgia in an image . I will keep thinking and maybe it will improve or progress further . I thought about making the whole room sharp but then i didnt feel i achieved the same feeling and the ghostly figure in the window wasnt as recognisable as a ghost to me . I would appreciate any critique on my image tyvm 🙂

My first image deconstruction .

I have not done this before so I thought I would try it on one of my favourite images  by gary winogrand after researching how to deconstruct (reduce (something) to its constituent parts in order to reinterpret it )  online . 

On the street Gary winogrand .


My initial thoughts on this image is : Firstly I notice the man in the wheelchair and how he is being noticed by the woman on the right and the little boy on the bench which is contrasting between three different generations and social classes  . I love how you can see the swagger of the women but , to me , the child looks meek and non– judgemental . The positive and negative areas light and dark forms make the image stand out and eccentuate the women making them seem more powerful ( as does the old motherly figure standing next to the boy sitting on the bench ) in the centre of the image . This image makes me think of how society can be very judgemental . How different people with different attitudes act accordingly in there educated and not so educated reactions to different social problems .

Yorkshire Sculpture Park Images


Relaxing ! The reason why i shot this is because The resting people seem to merge into a fluidly relaxing scene with the bronze statue that i found appealing .


Deity . To me this was a godlike deity praying . I noticed as i walked away how the sun reflected on its arm and it just added to the overall effect of what i had in mind about the image .

Hungry !

“Throw me a fricken bone here ” seemed like a very apt title as you can most probably see . A hungry dog seems to be mistakenly taking the bone like sculpture for its next treat lol .  Despair ! Lonely Corridor ! Heavy and pulsating .