Long Distance Beard Art?

My long distance package from a friend Dave Carter Baker in Birmingham arrived today containing my shipment of Fused magazines.


After cutting open with my big scissors and then vigoursly ripping back the flaps I was quite surprised to find an  extra gift .

Should I frame it and lock it away in my downstairs safe.

The art of grooming, beardart from bakersy by the grim weeder.


What exactly is it ?

Peculiar and strange.

A long distance personal dna infused self portrait or a religious icon of the beards contemporary cultural status? I have yet to figure this out.




Fused Magazine

Take a look at my dps and interview by Peter Paul Hartnet in the fantastic Fused magazine, available throughout the Uk and selling at the eye candy popup store in Birmingham.




Facebook ! Lets Regress the People …

I often wonder how and why a healthily literate person would adopt the language of a degenerate . The power of Facebook to change the masses language into a debauched and retrogressive means of communication in such a short period of time has amazed me . Hundreds of people losing their means to communicate and form opinions about the world around them on an intelligent scale .


Language opens our mind and gives us the ability to see . It opens your mind . It is a tool of power . A vip section of levels in a pyramid like power scheme reserved for those that seek it . With those who rule , forever sitting at the top . If we dampen a societys language then surely it will restrict their ocular competence regarding what is happening around them . As in the ability to perceive exactly where you are and why in a system . Inhibiting their capacity to enter even the lower levels of this pyramid , with the hard working masses forever on the bottom rung . The end result being you are more subservient  like an obedient dog  you will serve your master ” The government ” .

Are we seeing another layer of added manipulation and security against climbing the social ladder ?

An unforeseen side effect of social networking on a large scale ?

Or just the capacity of people to wrongly aspire ?

The precariat a new social class of people like the proletariat but suffering from precariousness . 

A system similiar to the carrot on a string which keeps you working and gratefully compliant to be labouring the governments unwanted fecal discharge .  But … We are lucky to even have a job , thats what they say , and thats exactly what they want you to think .

The people are indebted to their leaders  for anything and everything . 

But should the masses not be rewarded more for building civilisation instead of being used as cannon fodder , experimented on and manipulated into shoveling shit  , to keep the fat cats fed , watered and alive for longer .