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Are We Being Bombarded By Feminism

Are we Being bombarded by feminism ?

 Am I allowed to say this ? Is it ok that I use a phallic Icon to do so ?

This Appropriated image i did whilst thinking about our culture and oppression in all forms , could and will , “ probably “ , make people think I am misogynistic.  But nothing could be further from the truth .


 I have chosen the dildo as a symbolic reference to a womans power and a satirical view to how they don’t really need us or should not even be made to feel like they need us in the first place . A powerful tool * 3 but now reversed and in the hands of the opposite gender. An icon in the fight against all forms of oppression .

My purpose was to show how I feel about this “bombardment” and express the power that women already have and should feel and where it could lead . I agree that all forms of oppression are wrong and that by displaying and making certain points people shouldn’t be pressurized into feeling like they are doing something amiss , or cant make a point due to worrying about condemnation of their views . Any form of silencing

opinions or habits , in any way shape or form , of an individual , is oppressive in itself , and shouldn’t be allowed as part of an evolved intelligent society . The fact that people should be afraid of having their opinions heard is just as bad as what women felt about their servility before artists like Freda kahlo or Breton started making their points known . It doesn’t mean I am not agreeing to feminism but only making a statement about my beliefs which I regard as true . This is what I intend to make the viewer think .

I don’t use this image in a negative way but as a powerful representation of what women and society strives for , but at the same time how it shouldn’t be an issue but has been made to be by the very * 4 culture that ignorantly developed it through lack of understanding or maybe instinctual habits . Opposites attract , without a submissive and dominant structure will society be better or worse ?

I feel that everything we know is created by our own minds as acceptable or not , according to rules set by who is in power ( government ) . Obviously there is a line , which I think is clearly-set , and we shouldn’t cross it . But we create good and evil , angelic or devilish approaches to what we deem right or wrong in the first place . Some of which were once thought of ( or not so much ) to be right are now proved to wrong through our understanding over time . But others yet to be brought to the surface such as being ashamed of certain thoughts on how we view what is only a natural part of our bodies is downright stupid . A penis or vagina should not be thought of as a dirty word or rude object , it should be embraced and shown in a new light . But we are still a long way from achieving these goals that our recently derived methods and understanding of cultural mistakes , seek to rectify, because really we are only just starting to awaken to them on a global scale

We should avoid the very causal root that created these concepts in the first place by having masterful forethought to seek notions that will affect our future so we don’t have these dilemmas in the first place . If culture says its wrong people will feel that it is so .

I feel that a man wouldn’t be bothered if a female ejaculated on their face because its what they would want….? * 2 but a pro-feminist woman would probably think its wrong to have a male ejaculate on theirs because they would look at him from a submissive angle , as if he thinks he is superior and is looking at them as a sexual gratification tool . Its how you feel and see yourself that matters , *how society has told you to feel or how your genetics , biology , nurture and hormone levels makes you react to circumstance .

 Its all about how powerful you feel .

 Make love not war .We are going through an era of feminism with a fight against all forms of oppression through a need for equality and a conatus for universal power .

* 1 But really it’s a “ state of mind “ forced upon us by powerful selfishly hellbent alphas and then copied by sheepish admirers whom I prefer to call “ Parasitic bootlickers “ . You can be whatever you want and believe . Or can you if all around you role-models , people , history and literature is telling you different !

I understand that women feel like they have been subjugated unfairly from a males perspective and feel inferior because as in Martha roslers semi-otics of the kitchen she thought about the role of women in a domestic space and used Parody and humour to express the anger and frustration at how she was put in the kitchen to be making food and cooking for her husband .

This is quite clear , but Its not a feminist problem . It lies in the pyramid like power structure that is apparent in all forms of society and I don’t believe we are able to rectify it fully as we will always need leaders and there will always be people who regard themselves better than the next man . Ego and pride are powerful emotions . which become more self- delusional the better you think you are .

 I know we need leaders and strong people …. but would it be better to have a million strong leaders instead of just one ? If everyone is deemed equal who will lead us ? Is it safe to have an idea of true equality ?

 Art can correct this and make our views known to a wider audience and promote change .

 Do not be scared of voicing your opinions .

This is a second but more comedic take on what the future may be if feminism is taken to its extreme and made oppressive itself .

Hell has no fury than a women scorned

This is a supply drop for survival in a post feminist era where there are no births but only genetically cloned babies to further the human race . Man is all but extinct ( Only Robbie williams or brad pitt look-alikes are kept imprisoned and isolated for their Sperm ) due to being devolved and homosexualised by a nazi-like pure feminist race who was only intent on his destruction . Estosterone (A similar Testosterone derivative ( some would argue its exactly the same )) is sold as espresso in coffee shops and The world is now governed by butch feminists who are realising it was all about wanting a penis they can’t live without us and want us back to correct all the discord ,( they have artificially grown phallus’s ?? ) but it is too late , thus there are dildo supply drops in the worst affected areas to stop riots and mass chaos .

I think what has to be watched out for is that the people fighting for every ist and ism at the extreme ends of their spectrum don’t take it too far and get silly as a type of leverage tool and a form of revenge

* 1 “Ninety-five percent of women’s experiences are about being a victim. Or about being an underdog, or having to survive…women didn’t go to Vietnam and blow things up. They are not Rambo.”

Jodie Foster in The New York Times Magazine, January 6, 1991, p. 19..

* 2 “MAN: … an obsolete life form… an ordinary creature who needs to be watched … a contradictory baby-man …”

TESTOSTERONE POISONING: … ‘Until now it has been that the level of testosterone in men is normal simply because they have it. But if you consider how abnormal their behavior is, then you are led to the hypothesis that almost all men are suffering from ‘testosterone poisoning.'”

from A Feminist Dictionary”, ed. Kramarae and Treichler, Pandora Press, 1985



* 3 “Man’s discovery that his genitalia could serve as a weapon to generate fear must rank as one of the most important discoveries of prehistoric times, along with the use of fire, and the first crude stone axe.”

Susan Brownmiller, Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape, p. 5..


* 4 Why has there been no great women Artists …Linda Nochlin .


This is a slide for my What is a Photograph Presentation I did in contextual studies .

Is this real Polish ……. No its just a representation of Polish .


An Icon of Femininity in the fight for Feminism and all forms of oppression .

This is my What is a Photograph Presentation I did in contextual studies .

Feminism .


An image of mine representing gender and feminism  .

Pornography and sexual suggestion , sexualizes and gives rise to womens inequality . As do the ideas around the very toys our children play with, as they grow up , in a culture that doesn’t realise the consequences of boundaries it is firmly cementing in place . It is ok for a man to do it but not a women !

Cultural stereotypes meant women had to be seen as more submissive and to appease a mans every whim . While men were more macho and dominant making all the the rules from this male orientated mindset that perceived women in a subordinate way .

The meaning of this image will change and make you feel differently depending on who you are or which side of the fence you sit on , what gender, where you view it and in what context .

 I can’t hear you !

 Do as I say !

Persecutuion and oppression is yellow and cowardly . A society without it has matured .

 Feminism seeks to rectify .

 Nowadays In the democratic society we find ourselves in , far more voices are being heard because of this .

Society is set up as paternalistic in a males ideal way . especially more-so since everyone was only too happy to accept that Adam was doing pefectly fine until eve came along and ruined it all by biting the apple from the tree of knowledge etc . Eve was made from Adams rib she was just an afterthought . Our empty headed and early societal concepts gave birth to the problems we are trying to solve today .

Feminism ( Essay ideas ) .

Laura Mulvey coined the term ‘Male Gaze’ in 1975. She believes that in film , audiences have to ‘view’ characters from the perspective of a heterosexual male.

Question Do female directors make heterosexually and perspectively male orientated films ?

The Male Gaze

  • The camera lingers on the curves of the female body, and events which occur to women are presented largely in the context of a man’s reaction to these events.
  • Relegates women to the status of objects. The female viewer must experience the narrative secondarily, by identification with the male.

Question Surely a feminist female film director would avoid this problem ? All directors cant be male . Did female directors  subconsciously do this because they had a tendency to instinctually satisfy men and how culture represented  itself in view of the female

The concept of gaze is one that deals with how an audience views the people presented.

  • For feminists it can be thought of in 3 ways:
  • How men look at women,

Answer . Men look at women in a sexual and inferior way for their own pleasure and to do jobs for themselves . To satisfy his needs and bring up his family . Is this ok to do so ? Is this instinct , or was it just an undereducated expression of power ? Does it need changing for the better of society . Will society suffer if it changes ? Females are powerfully inferior physically but does this mean anything in an advanced society where intelligence is key ? Women are just as capable of todays demands as men , therefore equality is the key to progression ? Women need to express themsleves in an equal way because oprression comes in all forms in society , this needs to be stamped out so our children will  have a better future .

  • How women look at themselves .

Answer .   Women looked at themselves in a lesser way due to our society deeming them as so . Females were not allowed to do certain jobs as they were thought of and thought of themselves as not capable of doing them They were subjected to a societys subconscious expression of what they thought as normal , it took the voice of a few special people brave enough to come up with the concept of feminism and start to express it in society for its benefit . Now women look at themsellves  as more equally powerfull (normal?)

  • How women look at other women.

Answer. As competition to gain a desired male .  Do strong women do the same as men do to females but in turn using weaker women as their object of opression ? Is it nessesarily a male female idea or a basic thought pattern . Only the strong survive

 . It is a mode of survival to subjugate the weak for your own benefits ? If everyone is deemed equal who will lead us ? Is it safe to have an idea of equality ? Can we truly have equality in a strong society ?

Feminism In Practice .


My mage on developed on Gender . Feminsim . Domestic Violence .


Feminist theory is a key theory and movement that happened .

Pre 20th century + no women designers  . Poor working class women would be making clothes etc out of nesessity .but could be drawing or painting as a pastime .It was decorative .

Women were not allowed to do this because they were oppressed . They kept Victorian scrapbooks which was a pursuit of educated middle class women and was made by women waiting to be married . Drawing painting collage and writing was only laterfound out by collectors saving them .

The second sex . Key feminist text .

One is not born but becomes a women . Talking about women as an idea created to fit society . Women should conform to certain ideals . Society and our environment has defined what femininity is , or should be .

Proto Feminist art .

Feminism usually associated with the late 1960’s -70’s . Before this feminist practitioners were exploring the key themes which later emerged .

 Feminist artists .

 Claude Cahun,

 Ana Mendita

 Frida Kahlo

Worked in the macho world of painting in the mid 20th century .

In self portraits played up traits that seemed unfeminine yet natural .

Breton described her work as being like a ribbon around a bomb. Very good work with a hard hitting emotional message behind it . Henry ford hospital 1932 . Miscarraige and relationship to her own female body .

 Eva Hesse .

Worked in paint sculpture and mixed media . Used found materials to make large works influenced by industry which was seen as a masculine idea . Working in minimalist and abstract movements which was seen as a male dominated area .

1970’s new media began to emerge ( new genres ) , new areas of practice that were not male dominated are yet to be formed .

 Martha Rosler .

Semiotics of the kitchen .

Thinking about the role of women in a domestic space . Parody and humour . Trying to show the anger and frustration at how she was put in the kitchen to be making food and cooking for her husband .

Our response to this is that she was crazy. Its ok for a man to do it but not a women. Hysterical . Hysterectomy derived from the this idea that women are hysterical  Derived from the female . Lunatic , lunacy , lunar ,the moon etc . Where does language come from and the ideas behind how it is derived and developed from culture etc . Feminism seeks to rectify . Society is set up as paternalistic society . Society is set up in a males ideal way ? Adam was doing pefectly fine until eve came along and ruined it all my biting the apple from the tree of knowledge etc . Eve was made from Adams rib he was just an afterthought . Feminism

Modernity collapsed because the stories that helped us live our lives were found to be false .

Because it didn’t support everybody then everybody didn’t support it . In a democratic society far more voices are being heard e.g black gay etc etc and so on .

 *Joe spence

We are supposed to look at women portrayed in a beautiful way but he portrays them in a more real way which was considered taboo ,  with a more realistic  idea from society . The idea of perfection and imperfection in a women . The female body as a battleground . Feminism acted out . Ideas scopic regime and male gaze all coming to fight on the female battleground . Read The grapes of roth * about the depression of america . Breast fed the man who was dieing . The milk of human kindness . Thinking about the role of the women in a different way .

 Leucian freud .

Painting the body as it actually is . What you see is actually there . No need to be ashamed etc .why is it taboo?

Different scopic regimes .

Laura mulvey

Important feminist theory around the male gaze . Founded in film studios , but no seen as relevant to all disciplines . Mulvey takes about Hitchcock and how he portrays women in his films . Pleasure from watching people , e.g. film was voyeuristic .voyeurism = women are meant to be looked at because those in control of the camera are male .

There isnt a direct stare from the women in the images . Women have to avert their gaze because then it lacks the phsycological charge of the gaze and you can enjoy the image more because she is looking away . Set up in a male way the image of a women . Next time you are photographing think about this idea *The scopic regime . SCOPOPHILIA . Use a mirror think about the reflection and the gaze . It is massively important to us as photographers . * Familial gaze . * Animal gaze.

Marxism Marxist theory to critique ideas . Rich gaze poor gaze etc . Portray in different ways with different ideas . Women are often objectified , as an item of pleasure ,pornography etc .

Cindy Sherman

Performs within her self portraits . Her famous work = Untitled film stills  . She explores different female stereotypes tropes or archetypes . Untitled film still 21 ( research ) .  Turned dressing up for someone else into art . Publicity still shots based on old movies . The girl capital g put in different situations . She directs her own film stills .she has a table with props on to create them . She is her own director .

Hannah wilke

She was always present in her work . Feminine figure adding things t it and thinking about femininity in her own body . She argued with feminist theorists at the time . People said she was using her beauty to draw people into her artwork . This points out that prejudice and prescribed roles came from women as well as men . And can come from feminists as well as men .Marxism and art  beware of fascist feminism 1977 . Intra -venus 1992-1993 . Showing a different vision of femininity , confronting mortality through her own body .

Griselda Pollock

Began publishing in the 1970’s still working today . Text vision and difference 1988 . Lady lilith = female sexuality and how it is repressed at the time .  Recognises that divides of class sex race and sexualiy can divide differences and opinions regarding artwok .

Tracy Emin

Part of the young British art movement . Controversial for making photos of her bed . Reclaiming feminine crafts for ” high art ” . Used quilting patchwork and embroidery to create work . Right ” i do not expect ” 2002 .controversial .

. Hannah Hoch . Louise Borgeouis .

Pussy riot .

Feminist punk band performance artists .campaign for womens rights and freedom of speech in russia . Spent almost 2 years in prison for their public protests . Pussy riot performing at labnoye mesto in red square .

Where are we now .

Men are feminists now also . We should all be feminists . Men are now equally a part of the feminist movement .

Ted Talk Video…

She starts off By saying ” i am no longer apologetic for my Feminicity .  Many men do not  notice gender . Female apes bowed down to male apes . But the point is we are not apes lol ? Gender and class of different forms of oppression . Black man about gender … Why cant you say ” my experience as a human being but the same man said ” my experience as a black man ”  . Bottom power .

Women who use their female traits to get something out of other people . Culture is constantly changing . Culture is about preservation and continuity as a people . Different cultures have different attitudes towards females and Feminicity . E.g females cant take seats at meetings etc . Feminist a person who believes in the social and political economic equality of the sexes . A feminist is  a man or a women who says yes there’s a problem with gender how it is today and we must fix it we must do better ” . Think about differences i feminism between cultures .

We cannot name a lot of female artists from the renaissance . Find a female artist from this period . Mainly lots more male artists were prevalent ?

Feminism is a fight against oppression eg race classes and so on .


How does feminism or lack of those beliefs affect work in your own field . How do these beliefs or lack of them affect the professional environment in your discipline ?


How are women seen in photography . How are they portrayed ?


We have looked at how feminist theory has affected and influenced the practice of artists in the 20th century .

The affects on and in analysing popular culture .

Can look at gender issues and sexuality as well as the feminist debate in my essay .

People live their lives according to the media myth .

 *We can win power by circumventing these ideas and bringing them to the table . This politic and fight for power is ingrained in what we do . Why is words associated with private parts deemed as taboo . Use these ideas to show your work .

Paula Rigo *

Feminism Question Assignment notes

Independent Thinking .


Selecting your question . Which of the questions allow you to discuss work that most interests you . Feminism * Have a look at the writers mentioned  and use them in answering the question . Do you know which artworks you would like to discuss e.g Linda Nochlin , Griselda Pollock etc  and others Cindy Sherman , Eva Hesse , Martha Rossler , Joe Spence ,  Laura Mulvey , Leucian Freud , Frida Kahlo , Tracy Emin,  Pussy Riot , Hannah Wilke . Mariela Clay ?

Find couple of essays that are really helpful and thoughtful around your essay assignment . Use other students work to elaborate on your theorys and ideas . Ebooks online articles etc . Use wikipedia only for  finding out short peices of info about artsists , but dont quote it . Newspapers can be useful . Guardians arts column are good references . But dont quote daily or the sun . Bibliography and ref prefered from books and journals and maybe good quality well researched websites etc .

Keep a notebook blog with all your notebooks and research together , note down refs and page and book etc . If you look at an essay for ref then Summarise key points from it .


What is the question actually asking you to do ? Break down its elements and be sure you really understand what the question is asking you ? Map out the general direction the essay will take . Do a spider diagram pointing out ideas theorys and stuff from your research notes etc to then begin to make sense of it . Then think about how many words you need for your essay and plan it out . Find out where your knowledge is lacking and research and be reflective etc . Decide whats working and whats not working . Writing notes all the time as you are researching , this becomes your first draft . Start research and planning now . Introduction should be about 10 % 150-200 words . Give some background and general context to the subject . Open it by saying how war artists communicate meaning etc for question one . Use a statement about the importance or relevance of the subject . Eg oppression stereotypes and its relevance to society etc . Have an overview of the essay as a whole , give examples of theorys and theorists you will be using etc .

Structure Main Body

Main body is 1000 – 2000 words . Might be analysing the artists and their works to make links and comparisons to make valid points .  It makes my essay analytical and strong . What the artist or designer was intending and how the audience can have different opinions and views etc . When you are visually analysing a peice of work you have to have factual or analytical quotes to back up your work . If you have a quote from a theorist/artist you can use it to make points about statements you make and back these up . Do not put everything at once into your paragraphs . Instead each paragraphs should have really clear points . These paragraphs make up the body of your work . Include refs to works to say they did certain things with their work etc . Eg paul nash ref work , painted at home etc . Make your writing have really clearly defined points etc . Structure your argument and structure your essay accordingly to what points you are making .  A crucial artist or point should be included in your main body of work and not your conclusion , The conclusion is for recapping and summarising what you have mentioned in your essay .