Gif Addiction

I Think I’m addicted to making gifs

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Broken Dreams

Here i am dealing with binarys . Utopia/Dystopia …… Ballardian themes .

Utopian Destruction ? Dystopian modernity ? Problems arising from perfection ?


Utopia a perfect society .

Highly desirable .

But perfect creations have unforeseen Dystopian consequences .

Ballardian Themes .

This is basically dystopia ,
dystopian modernity ,  bleak man made landscapes . Which relates more to previous dystopian ideas that have gone wrong . Not just how technology affects us negatively but how they collide .

Whilst trying to improve society we have often come across problems that cold have been avoided with great vision .  Unknowingly we have created monsters from our dreams only to realise them at a late hour and so they tend to stick about for a bit or at least until morning when we have the light to see a solution , which sometimes may be too late ……

A recent project of mine Queenstown The last 7 shows this utopian destruction in the lives of 7 individuals  .

It tells a story of ordinary people striving to live alongside social problems , created through by a grandiose desire to solve these social problems in the first place …. But then in reality causing cracks in these utopian dreams . Working class people surviving together amongst this dystopia using their own solutions . Society installed these rules and ideas which influenced and affected them and it shows  clearly amongst the residents . It shows ideas instilled by a culture and people living their lives accordingly through these concepts . A proud and patriotic sub culture leaving their old lives behind with a strong desire for a better future .

Could these architectural flaws of utopian art have been avoided ?

 So ….On appearance all seems well but actually if you delve deeper beneath the surface there are big problems .
Once it may of seemed like a good idea but it all too soon went wrong .

Another good ballardian reference , to me , would be technology and post apocalyptic nightmares caused through AI overpowering the human race or contacting an alien civilisation , War of the Worlds being a good examnple of the latter . Dystopian ballardian imagery has a connection with technology . Post apocalyptic breakdown of society through searching for utopian dreams causing a dystopian nightmare e.g. nuclear power .  We can use the tech but it can cause problems .

An illustration of something in society that has gone bad .The internet ? Vaccinations ? Healthcare ? Religion ? Greek society ? All made to be good but are going wrong or doing so in our era .Something that was meant to be good but has gone bad .

Use different themes to speak of an uncertain future .

Mankind has created a heavy burden it carries on its shoulders and now has a big job on its hands to keep this planet running smoothly and to not destroy our world through its addiction to power and domination . We don’t want be another civilisations scientific find in a million years that may help prevent their extinction we need to have this vision to prevent these problems from happening in the first place and strive to a great future .


Each Window A Different Life ( Universe )

n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness—an epic story that continues invisibly around you like an anthill sprawling deep underground, with elaborate passageways to thousands of other lives that you’ll never know existed, in which you might appear only once, as an extra sipping coffee in the background, as a blur of traffic passing on the highway, as a lighted window at dusk.

My First Wet Plate on Glass

Wetplate Portrait 2PS

My First wet plate on glass . I have scanned it on photoshop to show in my blog . Next i will paint the back black .

I absolutely love wet plate it is entirely different to digital which i am used to , and other forms of photography i have been experimenting with lately . Wet plate has a unique characteristic which is very attractive to and more artistic in a realistic way . The process is enjoyable in itself and each image has more work and energy put into creating it , which i thoroughly enjoy as it gives me more satisfaction when i have achieved a great image . When you take an image on your digital camera , it is a very fast process which is over with the click of the shutter and thens stores to your sd card . The image is good but compared to wet plate it seems plastic and unreal , even though it is a realistic representation of what you saw before you in the frame , it still ( For me ) doesn’t look as realistic as a wet plate . There is something about the wet plate , ( the wet plate gaze maybe ) that i am attracted to . The long exposures needed to obtain an image feels like you are capturing more of the reality before you in a chemical process that adheres to the image more . The whole aura that surrounds the wet plate and how we regard it in itself as a past method of photography is exciting and compels me to look deeper into this stimulating and provocative area of photography . Out of all other forms this ( and hopefully next the daguerrotype which i want to try ) , keeps me coming back for more even though the end result is harder to come by it is by far , more gripping .

The process involves having basic wet plate chemicals which i bought from . I started off by trying the process on some black aluminium plates and then moving to glass as it seems to be a slight more difficult . The process is still easy to pick up overall .

You need a silver box , 3 developing trays , 1 with water 2 with stop 3 with fix . Firstly whilst lights are on to se better you grip the wet plate underneath whilst wearing rubber gloves as it helps with the traction holding the glass plate . The we pour  the positive collodion onto the plate and gently swoosh and let it roll to each corner so it covers the entire plate . Wait for 30 seconds and the put it onto the dipper and lower into the silver box full of silver nitrate solution to make it light sensitive . Now we turn the lights off and wait 3 minutes until it has become sensitive . The next step we lift the plate out of the silver box and carefully place it into your modified dark slide , face down with the collodion surface pointing to the front . slide the dark slide back and now it has to be put into your camera within 3 – 5 minutes .

Make your exposure by trial and error as the light it reacts to is only uv and we can’t use a light meter . thus experience will prevail in this area . When i did my first exposures on black aluminium i started off on 15 seconds and it was a dull day , but ended up needed 60 seconds and using 3 plates for a good exposure . This is all part of the fun and learning process  so enjoy it .

So when you have made your exposure take your dark slide and plate back to the darkroom and turn off all lights ( leave on safety light ) then remove your plate and pour the positive developer onto the collodion side in the same manner as you did when pouring on your collodion , make sure all of the surface is covered . leave for 7 – 15 seconds ( you can see the image start to appear as the developer covers the collodion ) and then place in  the  water and finally into the fix . If all is good then you should have obtained your first wet plate . Congratulations .

Shooting Street

A visual metonym for the NHS and the strain put upon it by an increasingingly larger older population and the moral rights and wrongs it brings you to question .


Usually i like to work with instinct to just go with it and shoot fast i like to feel the image it just appears like a visual metonym in my mind it hits out at me and i know i want the image . I know when i see it they appear in my mind already framed and visualised as i need it to be . Something connects and i feel a rush of adrenalin and an excited pleasurable sensation which peaks when i have got the shot and even more so when it is exactly as i envisioned it . I  use the camera as a tool to get what i want .


I notice unusual moments and can perceive them momentarily before they occur  . I read events in a sort of chronological order that isn’t always exact but usually not far off . It feels natural and exciting and takes me to a focused place i love to be as all my anxietys just seem to wash away when I’m there . I forget the world around me and enter another world in my mind . My world consisting of hopes , fears , desire , joys , happiness …… Notions that i wish to express .


I can treasure these moments that would of gone and disappeared forever if not for noticing them and making them eternal ….. We miss so much each day i find it sad that we cannot experience everything , every single moment is valuable to us all in a million different ways . I Feel i am satisfying this craving with my camera .


We can learn so much through recording as much of our lives as possible and one single moment lost could have been that important moment that changes our history and helps us as a species .


We are in an important and defining time and have great responsibility to ensure future generations are met with better conditions and a beautiful planet we can be confident they will be able to live peacefully upon and strive forward into their futures with strength and vigour


Joel Sternfeld What an amazing artist . His images are astounding as he asks you to search deeper into what he is portraying and look out into the world around you at the bigger picture involving our current cultural problems . I hope to get at least one image as good as his . If i do ill be happy .

STERNFELD_1978_McLean_Virginia_December_1978What are your connotations and denotations for the above image ?

The first things that sprung to mind for me were waste and fire .

The man is shopping but oblivious to the burning house ( Our planet ) which is on fire in the background . we also have lots of waste strewn about in the foreground . If we compare this to our present world climate we can see that the burning house represents our planet being destroyed while the man ( the shopper ) casually go’s about his daily routine and stuffs his face with no regard for what is happening around him . I see the pumpkin waste as a reminder of how much destruction we cause through wastage in all walks of life . This adds to our current global warming and climate change which is a big cause of our planets deterioration and annihilation . The crane could be a symbol of the global governments and * elites * struggling to fix these problems , whilst we the public greedily just stand about and continue doing what we do best , which is not helping our current situation .

Feminism .


An image of mine representing gender and feminism  .

Pornography and sexual suggestion , sexualizes and gives rise to womens inequality . As do the ideas around the very toys our children play with, as they grow up , in a culture that doesn’t realise the consequences of boundaries it is firmly cementing in place . It is ok for a man to do it but not a women !

Cultural stereotypes meant women had to be seen as more submissive and to appease a mans every whim . While men were more macho and dominant making all the the rules from this male orientated mindset that perceived women in a subordinate way .

The meaning of this image will change and make you feel differently depending on who you are or which side of the fence you sit on , what gender, where you view it and in what context .

 I can’t hear you !

 Do as I say !

Persecutuion and oppression is yellow and cowardly . A society without it has matured .

 Feminism seeks to rectify .

 Nowadays In the democratic society we find ourselves in , far more voices are being heard because of this .

Society is set up as paternalistic in a males ideal way . especially more-so since everyone was only too happy to accept that Adam was doing pefectly fine until eve came along and ruined it all by biting the apple from the tree of knowledge etc . Eve was made from Adams rib she was just an afterthought . Our empty headed and early societal concepts gave birth to the problems we are trying to solve today .