Broken Dreams

Here i am dealing with binarys . Utopia/Dystopia …… Ballardian themes .

Utopian Destruction ? Dystopian modernity ? Problems arising from perfection ?


Utopia a perfect society .

Highly desirable .

But perfect creations have unforeseen Dystopian consequences .

Ballardian Themes .

This is basically dystopia ,
dystopian modernity ,  bleak man made landscapes . Which relates more to previous dystopian ideas that have gone wrong . Not just how technology affects us negatively but how they collide .

Whilst trying to improve society we have often come across problems that cold have been avoided with great vision .  Unknowingly we have created monsters from our dreams only to realise them at a late hour and so they tend to stick about for a bit or at least until morning when we have the light to see a solution , which sometimes may be too late ……

A recent project of mine Queenstown The last 7 shows this utopian destruction in the lives of 7 individuals  .

It tells a story of ordinary people striving to live alongside social problems , created through by a grandiose desire to solve these social problems in the first place …. But then in reality causing cracks in these utopian dreams . Working class people surviving together amongst this dystopia using their own solutions . Society installed these rules and ideas which influenced and affected them and it shows  clearly amongst the residents . It shows ideas instilled by a culture and people living their lives accordingly through these concepts . A proud and patriotic sub culture leaving their old lives behind with a strong desire for a better future .

Could these architectural flaws of utopian art have been avoided ?

 So ….On appearance all seems well but actually if you delve deeper beneath the surface there are big problems .
Once it may of seemed like a good idea but it all too soon went wrong .

Another good ballardian reference , to me , would be technology and post apocalyptic nightmares caused through AI overpowering the human race or contacting an alien civilisation , War of the Worlds being a good examnple of the latter . Dystopian ballardian imagery has a connection with technology . Post apocalyptic breakdown of society through searching for utopian dreams causing a dystopian nightmare e.g. nuclear power .  We can use the tech but it can cause problems .

An illustration of something in society that has gone bad .The internet ? Vaccinations ? Healthcare ? Religion ? Greek society ? All made to be good but are going wrong or doing so in our era .Something that was meant to be good but has gone bad .

Use different themes to speak of an uncertain future .

Mankind has created a heavy burden it carries on its shoulders and now has a big job on its hands to keep this planet running smoothly and to not destroy our world through its addiction to power and domination . We don’t want be another civilisations scientific find in a million years that may help prevent their extinction we need to have this vision to prevent these problems from happening in the first place and strive to a great future .


Each Window A Different Life ( Universe )

n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness—an epic story that continues invisibly around you like an anthill sprawling deep underground, with elaborate passageways to thousands of other lives that you’ll never know existed, in which you might appear only once, as an extra sipping coffee in the background, as a blur of traffic passing on the highway, as a lighted window at dusk.

St George


I find it childlike and satirical that some groups use St george as their fantasy symbol of unity against multiculturalism when he is was originally half Turkish and half Palestinian . We should all teach our children to learn to respect each other regardless of their ethnicity , playing and working together as one . We are all human beings . Slay the dragon of ignorance and St George who has been used by some to divide could ironically be used to heal this division by uniting everyone regardless of their perceived identity . We are all one and the same .


Not the usual day today ! There was so much going on everywhere I looked . My eyes were met with a feast of typical Blackpool promenade Culture . Drunks . Tourists . Homeless . Drug Addicts . Hen and Stag partys . Screaming gangs of Hooligans wanting to fight and cause misery for their own satisfaction . But what really caught my eye and filled my mind with agitation was not the fact that two male homeless men , who had slept in a nightclub doorway were getting ready for another day on the road . Not that they were smoking crack in broad daylight . Not that they were pushing a pram around with all there belongings in whilst drinking last nights left over cider ( Urine ? ) . Or that they were selling rag mags or some other form of stolen magazine for 2 pound a piece to buy more drugs and alcohol , as these are all common place in Blackpool . But  i couldn’t understand why there was a young girl poking her head out from inside the pram storage tray canopy under the main seat  , behind the jack russel dog , where the orange bag of clothes was given priority .


Homelessness is very sad , but a homeless child is even worse .

Contemporary Quandary

I have decided to explore longer exposures in my street photography as it creates some interesting effects , along with the obvious movement emphasis , at 1/8 and 1/15 of a second you can still get very sharp images with practice and a steady hand by composing your focus on an interesting stationary subject  . I find you can get very cubisty ( my new word ) and delve deeper into the reality of your subject by revealing your context in a more abstract manner .


When i went out today on one my addiction satisfying street photography jaunts , my mind was concerned with the power of the internet the benefits and burdens it brings us  . The internet is very efficient distraction device .

In this shot you can see a content women , stood outside a fortune tellers , whose attention is fixed on her mobile phone , oblivious to the passer by .

Most people step inside these dissembled virtual worlds by means of there own minds through want of Knowledge or an altered reality , and a lack of knowledge or understanding of its true vocation keeps them there . A sort of escapism . The internet is like a technologically advanced fortune teller , where it gives you what you want when you want it , at a price …. But is all lies or exaggeration to make you feel special , or trick you into believing in this reality that is individually created for you .

We like to think we have freedom of choice … well do we ?

The Heart Of A Lion ,


These are two images from a recent project of mine , which will soon be finished and put on my website . I focused on the different types of people living on a council estate , which is soon to be demolished , and all the residents being rehomed . My work shows an underlying cultural message from a group of normal working class people living together , enduring and surviving amongst the dystopia , living alongside it and all that this entails . A proud and patriotic working class sub culture leaving their old estate behind with a strong desire to have a better future , which is something we all want and should take heed of .

It tells a story of ordinary people striving to live alongside social problems and how society has installed rules and ideas to influence and affect these unaware populations , showing themselves clearly amongst these people . It shows ideas instilled by a culture and people acting out and living their lives accordingly through these concepts . They have been moulded by societies notions which have been placed upon them ( forced ? ) , unknowingly but willingly accepted , innocently but obligingly to a predetermined script . This script needs to be re-written .

Lion Rug 2

Gary Winogrand ( Deconstruction . Interpretation )

Imagen 468

Well firstly when looking at this image it is obvious it has something to do with matters of racial injustices and high tensions regarding this that were at a peak in the 60’s with martin luther king bringing light on all these matters and a civil war esueing because of them .

I see a white woman stood next to a black man holding two young chimpanzee babys . My initial deconstruction at first glance is that if I put myself in a someones shoes that this may have sparked a reaction , and try to visualise what they might see and think . So this image was in a time when there was a lot of racial bigotry and mis-understanding of racsism and all the hatred that it brings . You have to remember that even high profile people were setting this standard for their own reasons of holding their own little corner of power intact in the social pyramid structure that they most fortunately found themselves in . This would be taken away from them ( social status , power , money , riches ) if people started to think in the right way , thus breaking the rung of the ladder that that sturdily held them up high . As is apparent in all forms of society today . people in power do not want to lose what they have for their own sake and also their offsprings future So whatever is keeping them there can seem delusionally right to them , whether it is … or not . So we have all sorts of injustices happening all over the world today e.g wars famine . un – even distribution of wealth etc .

A lack of education , or the wrong education being taught and understood would make a rascist . The information needed to become one doesn’t just spring out of the blue . Although there are studies that show babys of different races tend to congregate together in their own racial groups and ignore or hinder the other racial baby factions progress . So …. Asian would congregate with Asian and blacks with blacks , whites with whites etc whilst playing , even at a young age of 1 or 2 years old .

We have these people who don’t think they are doing wrong ( whose fault is all this ) but doing right and see this image as a threat because it shows a white women with a black man and what would be deemed as a mixed abominational offspring ( the chimpanzees regarded as children ) between their white women and the black man . So this was a racially motivated fear of extinction and insecurity about their futures . We have still have these worrys which are spread by propaganda today , regarding muslims and their birthrates overcoming other races such as white and black . But also we have lots of misinformation and untruths spread along with the truth as a tactic to avoid the truth being known ( which makes it even worse and harder to solve than what martin luther king had on his hands back then ) .

This image would have been very powerful in the 60’s and provoked these thoughts around a time they were already heightened as there were separate drinking fountains , separate restaurants, separate bathrooms, and churches for black people. Restaurants had a Jim Crow law, that stated,

“It shall be unlawful to conduct a restaurant or other place for the serving of food in the city, at which white and colored people are served in the same room, unless such white and colored persons are effectively separated by a solid partition extending from the floor upward to a distance of seven feet or higher, and unless a separate entrance from the street is provided for each compartment. ”

These were all terrible injustices and I cannot actually believed a normal intelligent human could let these go by unhindered ( My introduction answers this ) . it shows you that law isn’t always right but manmade to achieve the alphas goals .

So people were scared of there offsprings future being taken away by black people breeding with what they would see as “ their white women “ . and the higher the males social status the more delusional he would become of this fact , hence spreading more misconceived facts and mistaken ideas to influence people below him to achieve his ulterior motives and wrongly hatched end game concepts . The chimpanzee on the right looks like it is sitting above and on top of the white childs head which was probably seen as another form of mocking them .

Here I feel that we have an exact represention of racial social fears and cultural discriminations that were highly apparent in the 60’s . Gary wonogrand was very clever to play on this and this makes you realise what a great photographer he was .