The Original Sin

Dont listen to the devil 2


The original sin !

My work on still life #culture   . #religion   as a construct of #control .The real #sin is the #renege .

6th october i did a developmental shoot on culture regarding religion and its portrayal of adam and eve . How religion is a construct of control to the undereducated masses and lower classes and was meant this way from the very beggining . Religion is very subjugating to females . Religion is a cause of societies female subjugation in our world and has caused exploitation, oppression, and loss of self-determination. The Adam and Eve story we know in the bible is extremely influential and important in mankinds history it sets up the social relationship between men and women from the very beginning ( who were we to question gods word ) . This was Unfortunately  done in such a way  to propagate the notion of female inferiority ( Adam was created FIRST and eve was only created as an AFTERTHOUGHT ) . This secondary creation of Eve corresponds to the terrible treatment of women as a second class sexual object and citizen throughout the ages.

In the image you see a red background which is used as a way to control people via primally subconscious methods ( the lizard brain ) . This is one of the main reasons i included it to express this notion . Red is also used for many other reasons of which numerous ones i thought to be appropriate to my image . I wanted a female hand to be posed as if offering the apple seductively to the viewer , A bite taken from the apple ( the fruit of good and evil ) off the tree of knowledge to highlight the eating of the forbbiden fruit and gaining of insight . But the real truth and evil is the ruling classes renege to the masses to gain control and keep him fat , fed and watered in his castle on the hill , looking down at his minions . The snake ( snake ring on the females hand ) appears in lots of religions and is used to express an evil power . The cherub whos shadow shows his true form of ” The evil behind the whole idea ” is expressed as horns and a tongue through the shadow on the wall . ( i am not sure if this works i may be removing it in a future shoot to go for a more simple look .

I used a softbox and a modelling light from the bowens gemini six kit in the stores against a red background .

#canon    e60d   #tamron  ISO 200 57 mm F25 1/125 SEC

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Why do Photographs like this excite me ?


What is it about images like this that excite me ? I came upon it whilst finishing Roland barthes camera lucida . Maybe its the fact that i am looking back in time at a dead man , condemned to death . I like the irony of this . I feel a sense of sympathy for him . I get an essence of what he is going through the photo , but i dont have to live the actual moment itself . I have lived his pain but dodged the bullet . The glassy defeated look of hopelessness in his eyes , but deep inside there is still some defiance . I know that look i have felt that feeling myself . I feel a connection , I can relate to it but of a lesser degree . Is this why i like what i see ? It stirs feelings inside of me . Are we drawn to our mirrored self , subconsciously , in reality or a fantasy ?

I can reliably live this moment in all of its truthfullness but at a fraction of its intensity . The more i look the more it stirs my mind along many different paths , and the more it speaks to me from a past time where i have never set foot . Its thoughts like this along with the actual studium which i relate to , that make me excited about what i am witnessing . A photo can take me places in a minute that a thousand words couldnt tell me in an hour .


A developmental image for an assignment i am doing on joy and what makes me feel joy  . The following is how i came to the conclusion and eventually shot the image i did . I started thinking what is  joy at its most basic level . Joy is just a chemical  eg serotionin or dopamine . This is the only reason we feel joy . Then i started thinking of more cultural ideas regarding society and how since 1987 people have been prescribed ssris for depression , to help people feel joy and happiness . I then did some research on this and found that more people are now commiting suicide who actually are prescribed prozac than before they were ever released as a prescription medicine . This makes you wonder . maybe prozac was a false promise of joy , a renege , ?  I did this image to try and question all of this and make the viewer think about joy and culture in todays society . Keep in mind it is just a developmental image and still a work in progress .I have lots of other ideas regarding this and to work with in a future shoot .

Joy prozac

I was Thinking About Racial and cultural Issues .

I Do believe that nowadays an Intelligent person cannot be rascist . I myself think that anyform of rascism is an ignorant and terrible thing that should be forced out of our society . I also believe that a lot of rascism is caused by uneducated people who dont undestand or who feel threatened in some way and its not the colour of the skin its the individual person as a personality and for personal gain who causes and spreads the hate and mistrust . Racism comes in all forms and across all colours , social cultures and ways of life in every part of the world rich or poor , Black or white . Its a shame that it is actually a useable word in our media , i think it is dwelled upon far too much and in a perfect world i personally think it should be forgotten about . Easier said than done lol .

Anyway this weekend i was thinking about racial issues whilst out taking pictures and two that i took particularly invoked certain feelings in me with regards to current media and events  , so i thought i would share them on my blog . I realise some people depending on which side of the fence you are sitting , who you are and how you take the image may find them a bit controversial ? I myself would be interested in what people initially think when they view the shot .

This is the first of two images titled ” I am being followed ”

Followed -

The second is titled ” So similiar yet so far apart ” Divided .

So Similair Yet So Far Apart _

They both deal with different aspects of the same problem . The first image wouldnt be as thought provoking if there wasnt focused on by todays problems involving terrorism in the media and racial cultural problems it brings regarding islam and muslims etc . You may not even notice the policeman and relate it how you do to the asian man making a phonecall at the front of the image if these werent prominent issues ?

The second image although it may not necessarily be true in the image , made me think of “RACIAL DISTRUST” a lot of people do let racial distrust affect there lives wether purposefully or not . I was speaking to a man just a couple of weeks ago and have heard a few people in passing talk about the same issues . He was saying how he doesnt trust his asian ( muslim ) doctor and always thinks he doesnt listen to him or put his prioritys first . Maybe even verging on paranoia as he is getting to the point where he doesnt want to see an asian doctor ?

We are all human and all the same . Dont let Skin colour which is a genetic difference in our skin brought about by the environment to cope and survive better with certain aspects in different parts of the world be responsible for such hate and ignorance . Why do people let this simple idea of colour divide them so much . Its a ridiculous concept to me which i hope and believe that all future generations are and will come to share the same opinion and we will win this important battle .