Addicted to telling stories .

Even when I’m asleep my brain tells me stories .

Today i got speaking to a drug addict who looked desperate . I find it a shame that people reach these unfortunate states in there lifes due to aspects such as drug abuse in our society that seem so easy to … or should in theory be more simple to solve in our contemporary society . But for which reasons most of us could not even fathom this way of life seems to continue if not even thrive in modern culture . It seems as if money per greed and hyman selfishness allow it to continue for factors deemed more important such as social strata , individual pleasure or if just gets too much for some .

Its similair to a crutch for our deepest nightmares .

This shot was taken whilst on another recce acquiring more material for my new project .

Ive been up since the early hours but its all been worth it as I have had one of those great days where i have accumulated some great material that I’m very satisfied with .  Time now for a cup of kigomo expresso whilst I make a start on a book review with my eyes half shut .

I am also very pleased to have been noticed by American Suburb X . Many Thanks ASX .

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I will add more details to this post tomorrow .

Fingered At The Dinmore


I won’t spoil it for you but Ill let you make your own mind up on this one . Insult or re-living a sex act from the past ? Taken whilst on a preliminary recce for a new project documenting a council estate in Blackpool . This is the local pub ” The Dinmore ” with a local resident walking past it on Dinmore Ave . The pub has been closed down for 3 years and even when it was shut down they still , unfortunately , found dead bodies on the premises . Stories galore of which I intend to seek the best .


The Qualia Of Mary II

Making a Panoramic Image .


Marys shell in Cleveleys , Blackpool .

1 . First Compose and rotate the camera handheld to find your best panorama spot .

2 . Next level the tripod by using the spirit bubble . Then use the virtual horizon on your camera if you have one . On the nikon D750 press the info button untill it appears .

3 . Set Auto white balance or set to daylight in each for consistency if you are unsure then you can alter in post process .

4 . I then use and set to either f22 or f 16 and focus to infinity .
5  . Loosen the panning on your tripod when you take each picture with 50 % overlap .
Tighten up on each shot  .

6 . I use 5 to 10 vertical portrait images for a panorama . For a good print 5 is best .


File> automate> merge> browse (insert files ) . Tick blend images together . You can tick vignette removal if you want , but you don’t have to . Tick geometric distortions correction and only use Content aware if you are certain as it cannot be completely relied upon .


Photo >photomerge >panorama ,

Combat 18 Protest .

Today whilst driving down the promenade in Blackpool I came across a neo nazi protest by combat 18 . A large number of people had gathered in balaclavas and were showing their contempt for the numbers of immigrants being allowed into the country , particularly polish and Muslims . They were shouting hate speech over a loudspeaker and microphone tannoy system . 
Unfortunately ….and which is not usually the case I only had my iPhone on my person . I usually go equipped ^^ . But I suppose something is better than nothing . 

They was quite a bit of unruly commotion and the odd scuffle breaking out between right wing instigators and a gang of polish men who seemed to be making regular phone calls . The police protest liaison officers were in sight with lots of normal police and some police medics scattered about . The protesters were making a point about some alleged Muslim rapes that happened the previous night and also how our government has sold us out and we are second class citizens in our own country . 

   This was a moment just before two people were heckling each other and they came close to blows , a combat 18 man and a polish male . 
There were lots of different flags and banners supporting both sides of the argument . Buffer zones were set up to keep different groups apart and people were shouting at the men in balaclavas to show their faces , which they eventually did prior to there speech over the tannoy . 



    Claremont Street

    Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 19.23.29

    Critical Report

     Claremont street .


    Here we have a series of wetplate images where the author rowe has a central thesis where he is asking the viewer to contemplate anachronism

    1 A thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists, especially a thing that is conspicuously old-fashioned

    2 The action of attributing something to a period to which it does not belong:

    and recurrence .

    Historic recurrence, the repetition of similar events in history

    Rowe has taken a series of images of modern day subjects set against an object which is a remnant from the past ( as an icon of time ? ) . They are combined and brought to the future , our present , via means of the wetplate medium .

    This meaning I gleaned by virtue of , and concluded through the subjects in these portraits , the way they are dressed , their attitudes and the objects that accompany them does not match the importantly significant timeworn survivor that is recurring and concurrent  in each image . The old lamp accompanied by the medium gives a quality and aura of strangeness or is that just the familiarity/defamiliarity of wetplate ? Although quite vague at first it does “ In time “ give me insight into a contrast between two different eras . This is provided by the juxtapositions of time through the medium and the recurring focal point of the modern people against this vintage lampost that has survived from a past to this present , within the areas geographically relevant history .

    Rowe attempts to use logic and reason in a manner , that once deduced he hopes may sway opinions . By bringing to our attention the need for change and a progression towards it by instilling emotions of anger about the said societal direction . I think the concept is great but something is lacking in its effort to clearly highlight his true intention of ideas regarding class and social failings in a democratic state , one that keeps the cogs turning , but only in favour of the socially elite with a repetitive price to be paid by the seventh class , or in our times summed up by the precariat , for the craving of a personally deemed fairer system .

    He is attempting to portray his images as a metaphor to societys myth of its promise that everyone is rewarded fairly , equally and just , for their hard work . The carrot on a stick so to say . But it isn’t a promise that bears fruit it is always just a promise that keeps this system oiled and the fat cats fed and watered . So I feel that the author should include hints at a solution for the said predicaments in his work alongside his main creative artistic thesis . To stimulate change one needs to aggravate a cultures emotions regarding the authors proposition .

    Whilst throughout history other things have seemed to evolve such as technology and structuralistic advancement . But only whilst supported by the basic premise of an administrated underclass doing most if not all the work in an everlasting circle of controlled manipulation , doomed to be repeated over and over again to support this evolution . Why and how would a different system work ? I would like to visualize this .

    The author must feel the need to argue for these changes because his impression of society and the current system is that it feels broken … and he wants to fix it . With an instinct to help others… or maybe even himself having been let down and hindered by the organisation in control of his group and its dominating ideologys .

    We have come to where we are and have already set aside these social systems in favour of the ones we have in play today . Im not saying that there isn’t a better way as there will be a million better ways but they might not necessarily make things better . But for people to yearn change shows a flaw in a structures identity , its character a rebel , or a desire to lead people into something better or even a hungry eagerness to change ourselves manifesting itself in a form of human salvation .

    The almighty task of changing the very fabric of our societys existence may seem quixotic but our history is all to frequently scattered with revolution , so what better place to start than with a work of art .

    The Birdman And His Nigger .

    The line where a cultures inmates meet , dissect and change the landscape is sometimes hard to fathom .

    Having lived on and around the Grange Park estate  in Blackpool all my life I have inside knowledge and find it easy to gain access to and approach the people . So I have started a new documentary project which involves Capturing the lives of some of these interesting characters , to gain an understanding of how and in what ways  an estates micro culture meets and influences their lives .

    The portrait below is a face that anyone who lives on grange park would probably be very familiar with .  You would see the aptly named bird man out on his daily excursions around the estate with a huge falcon perched on his hand which he calls ” nigger ” and introduces the bird as ” His Nigger ” . He has a deep passion and interest for these gorgeous creatures which shows in his knowledge of them . He was educated until he was seven when he was dismissed for hitting his teacher over an argument as to whether the craters on the moon were volcanos or meteorites , his teacher thought they were volcanos .

    The bird man has the very similar qualities and looks of a marvel supervillian from the x-men ( Are mutants evolved or crazy ^^ ) . He has served time in the french foreign legion and is very strongly politically opinionated with views that some people would not agree with ! He was definitely very interesting to talk to , having sacrificed goats for isis and possessing the uncanny ability of  knowing whats going to happen before it actually does ( Precognition ) .

    I don’t know wether its because they have been through the mill with their life experiences and its toughened them up but I find these people more down to earth and less concerned with themselves , as are some of the people of today . Grange park wouldn’t be what it is without these fantastic colourful characters and interesting people and there is a lot to be learned from them .

    I love finding out about these charismatic and engaging people . I enjoy knowing how and why people are what they are , what has made them become the person they are today ? To understand what makes them tick . We all have different lives and life experiences and we all have to cope with the hand thats dealt or THROWN at us . Every experience you have nurtures you into what you are today . A person with authentic character will definitely have the most interesting story’s to tell . But the real value is from the knowledge gained via critical analysis of this individual along with their distinct background and  conceiving new ideas from the very core of this essence . A great insight of our cultures failings or successes can be deduced and hopefully rectified from having a thorough and deep anthropological knowledge of its time-served inhabitants .



    “ The Earths magnetosphere controls the cerebrospinal fluid in your brain “


    ” This is my Nigger ! “

    Totally Wicked

    The owner of the vape shop on Bloomfield road Blackpool .

    InThevape shop.jpg