Worksheet 6 . Visual essay . Appropriation .

yes rasta p cariou yes rasta r prince apropriated

Richard Prince is well know for his work on the appropriation of 35 images and 28 paintings from carious book “ yes rasta “ on images taken of  rastafarians in Jamaica in 2008 at the Canal Zone exhibition .

original marlboro image

2 A  Marlboro Man Cigarette adverts Prince was also known for his work rephotographing images from Marlboro cigarette adverts which depicted “The Cowboy “ as an idealised masculine figure in American society .


3 A Gangs . He also Rephotographed pictures from different magazines on specialised niche areas of society such as gangs and  bikers girlfriends  . He grouped the pictures together on a plain a4 paper , showing their girlfriends lounging across  the bikes



4 A Girlfriends .

My Thoughts on appropriation are that , I think it is acceptable as art if it explains an idea or concept to a new era /audience and transforms the old image into something new so we can perceive it in an entirely new way .  If the old work has been re-interpreted as something new then it is a successful piece .

As in Mark klepps rephotographs of the same image in exactly the same way but in a different time . This shows us how the land has changed over time and gives us an insight into what has happened and  how we live as a society . What we have done to the land or how maybe we have altered or affected it over time via our inhabitation of the area , thus it can help us in various ways and show us differences  or similaritys  which can only be to our educational advantage .

We are all influenced by what each of us is drawn to or what we soak up over our own lifetimes so you could argue that we are all using appropriation in one form or another to create our own work anyway . It is the idea of originality that is the key in our art .  All our thoughts which we have gained from someone elses work or ideas , from what we have seen in magazines and what we have watched on the telly ,  is someone elses work . We have absorbed this and then we make our own work by using it to bring new ideas to the table . This to me is the same as a good appropriation of an old work by someone else . I f you reuse a common item or an old masterpiece in an entirely original way  to express something totally new then it is definitely “ new work” as only you have come up with that idea  and concept around it . Thus  the image has been transformed into something entirely different and new which we can progress and learn from ,  and not just been done in the same way as before .

This of course can be a fine line to tread as I do believe some peoples appropriations are treading on delicate ground and cannot be considered as so . But  could just as easily be  a means to a lazy way of producing  quick work via someone elses talent .

R princes appropriation 1B ( The graduation )of image 1A by cariou , to me is such an example . I cannot see , apart from satire or  ridicule , exactly how it has been changed for the better .  Unless I am missing something I cant say this image is a good example of appropriation as it does nothing for me .

The appropriation of The Marlboro man cigarette adverts ( image 2A ) is a bit better as it symbolises a virulent macho image of American society which is the cowboy . But I don’t think it is original as wasn’t this Marlboros intention anyway ? They wanted to stereotype and  make smoking look manly in American culture by using an archetypal image  .The only thing suggested is that the images make us think of what is real and what is not , as in what is real about an American cowboy and how these images glamourise them into something not entirely a reality . If i relate this to the fact of appropriation whereas the original artists work is real but R princes appropriation is not then I actually start to like this idea more and  am more forgiving as to it being an original work . But I think  prince has just elaborated an already thought up idea and made it his own in a cheeky and lazy way which must have been frustrating to the original artist (  “When I left, I didn’t know if I should be proud, or if I looked like an idiot.”R krantz December 6, 2007 New York Times ) . If that was my work I would have been severly pissed off too but definitely less so if none at all , if I thought and realised his use , was in an original way .

The Start Of A New Civilisation !

This is a piece of work i did after combining our digital images lesson and what we learnt about appropriation today in our critical studies lecture .

space scene 1

A New Civilisation is born

God the almighty artist trys to improve on the feminist plans he created with the original sin story in the bibles garden of eden .

The Original Sin

Dont listen to the devil 2


The original sin !

My work on still life #culture   . #religion   as a construct of #control .The real #sin is the #renege .

6th october i did a developmental shoot on culture regarding religion and its portrayal of adam and eve . How religion is a construct of control to the undereducated masses and lower classes and was meant this way from the very beggining . Religion is very subjugating to females . Religion is a cause of societies female subjugation in our world and has caused exploitation, oppression, and loss of self-determination. The Adam and Eve story we know in the bible is extremely influential and important in mankinds history it sets up the social relationship between men and women from the very beginning ( who were we to question gods word ) . This was Unfortunately  done in such a way  to propagate the notion of female inferiority ( Adam was created FIRST and eve was only created as an AFTERTHOUGHT ) . This secondary creation of Eve corresponds to the terrible treatment of women as a second class sexual object and citizen throughout the ages.

In the image you see a red background which is used as a way to control people via primally subconscious methods ( the lizard brain ) . This is one of the main reasons i included it to express this notion . Red is also used for many other reasons of which numerous ones i thought to be appropriate to my image . I wanted a female hand to be posed as if offering the apple seductively to the viewer , A bite taken from the apple ( the fruit of good and evil ) off the tree of knowledge to highlight the eating of the forbbiden fruit and gaining of insight . But the real truth and evil is the ruling classes renege to the masses to gain control and keep him fat , fed and watered in his castle on the hill , looking down at his minions . The snake ( snake ring on the females hand ) appears in lots of religions and is used to express an evil power . The cherub whos shadow shows his true form of ” The evil behind the whole idea ” is expressed as horns and a tongue through the shadow on the wall . ( i am not sure if this works i may be removing it in a future shoot to go for a more simple look .

I used a softbox and a modelling light from the bowens gemini six kit in the stores against a red background .

#canon    e60d   #tamron  ISO 200 57 mm F25 1/125 SEC

Also on

My old toys !

Toy Nostalgia 2

Well after thinking About about other ideas  for nostalgia related images , the film ” Toy Story ” sprung to mind and i thought of how i get a sense of nostalgia when i think of my old toys and games i used to play with when i was younger . I thought i would do an image based around this .

I think when we was children we all liked to think our toys came to life when we slept , as in the film we all loved when we were adults . So  I put my perspective  as if the viewer was another toy coming to life as the lights go dim and looking up at your partner(toy friend ) in toy crime as he leaves the safety of the toybox . To give it a more nostalgic sense i made it look as if done on a wetplate . I balanced the car on the lid to give a sense of cautious precariousness as he is climbing out , when he knows he shouldnt . If the car falls then surely he would wake up his owner .

Why do Photographs like this excite me ?


What is it about images like this that excite me ? I came upon it whilst finishing Roland barthes camera lucida . Maybe its the fact that i am looking back in time at a dead man , condemned to death . I like the irony of this . I feel a sense of sympathy for him . I get an essence of what he is going through the photo , but i dont have to live the actual moment itself . I have lived his pain but dodged the bullet . The glassy defeated look of hopelessness in his eyes , but deep inside there is still some defiance . I know that look i have felt that feeling myself . I feel a connection , I can relate to it but of a lesser degree . Is this why i like what i see ? It stirs feelings inside of me . Are we drawn to our mirrored self , subconsciously , in reality or a fantasy ?

I can reliably live this moment in all of its truthfullness but at a fraction of its intensity . The more i look the more it stirs my mind along many different paths , and the more it speaks to me from a past time where i have never set foot . Its thoughts like this along with the actual studium which i relate to , that make me excited about what i am witnessing . A photo can take me places in a minute that a thousand words couldnt tell me in an hour .

Subliminally Repressed by a fast food takeaway !

Toledano Hope and fear

Denotation on an image by phillip toledano .

I decided to use some of phillip toledanos work which has only been brought to my attention today , but i find him very thought provoking and think he has some amazing images .

Denotation .

In this image we see a person stood upright , i think male , shrouded in what looks like a mac donalds burkha and ridaa , against a greyish toned background . He is wearing this white dress shaped like a burkha and ridaa with the macdonalds yellow logo in a repeated pattern all over its surface . All you can see is his eyes peering out .

Connotation .

I think the interpretive meaning for this image could be both a hope and a fear and mean different things to different people , depending on how you take the subject …or  if you like macdonalds lol. I could think of some people who would hope and desire the mc donalds deity and gladly eat more than their fair share of him daily , without batting an eyelid . As also i could think of viewers who both like and dislike islam .

Maybe its a fear for society gaining a new worthless religion ( A false religion ? The subliminal mistrusting of islam  made farcical ? ) and all that it would bring to future generations , obesity ( sharia ) etc . Maybe it could mean islam is spreading fast and addictively like people who are introduced to their first cheeseburger ?

Maybe society has subconsciously started to worship something they dont realise .  The fact that lots of people rely on this terrible diet to feed themselves daily and follow it religously or could do even more so in the future could be a comparitive suggestion to islam ?

Maybe a future generation could actually believe ronald was a god, after they dig up a thousand year old mc donald sign on mars when the human race has died out long after terraforming its surface lol  They may actually wear these and fight for hundreds of years killing billions of people in the name of a big mac , which probably isnt much different to the reality we have on our hands right now ^^ ( We can make lots of different interpretations  ) .  haha i am proud to be part of the human race .

Contextual Studies .

In contextual studies we were learning about Studium and Punctum from Roland Barthes book camera lucida .

This is my reflection on this lesson .

Studium .

The component parts that the image is made up off , and how we relate to them in our our cultural lifetime experiences . The images meaning may differ from person to person due to this fact , so we may be drawn to different images in different ways via the studium and our general interest in the image .

Punctum .

This is the tiny detail in the image that will strike a chord with the viewer and changes their perspective on it . It makes the viewer go ” wow ” and is a point of interest that draws their eye .

I had an assignment in module 403 to demonstrate shutterspeed and aperture . I decided to add my own random punctum to my 2 second shutter speed image and give it a new perspective or twist whilst helping use and embed my knowledge fom contextual studies and doing the assignment as well . Here is the image .

Man At Pier_