Addicted to telling stories . Even when I’m asleep my brain tells me stories . Today i got speaking to a drug addict who looked desperate . I find it a shame that people reach these unfortunate states in there lifes due to aspects such as drug abuse in our society that seem so easy to … or should in theory be more simple…

Crazy Kingdom

These are a few portraits from my new book Crazy Kingdom . Death is a cultural disease . Mans negative perceptions of his own mortality have caused us to greedily and selfishly consume our planets resources in search of the elixir of life . The eyes that stare back at you are from indiviudals who are close to , have been close to…

Crazy Kingdom

We Love The Uk . Your women are the best in the world and Your food is cheap and tasty . My family will never starve and we have free education . The future for my children is bright .

Crazy Kingdom

Vaped Two hours free time  …..  For me , equals street portraits and new documentary work . NIKON D750 16.0-85.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 16mm/ƒ/6.3/1/250s/ISO 50 Luck o the Irish Wheel Chair Bound . Veteran . Crazy Kingdom The Boss Crazy Kingdom The bosses Wife Proud

The Darkroom in the eye .

Developing Reality The camera is such an important invention in the History of mankind . I compare it to the birth of the universe . The creation of reality , which just throws more questions instead of answers . The camera is a portable dark room ( our universe before birth ) that just lets a snapshot of momentary light into it to record…

Portrait Lighting

Today in Alans Analogue lesson we were learning about portrait photography and different types of lighting . He mentioned flat lighting which is where you light directly from the front immediatly opposite the subject and you get no shadows . However it does not bring out depth and detail, or add any intriguing character. We also talked about contrasty light where we can position the…


First Critique of Ians short 3 week assignment to show a wide range of cultural diversitys on lancashire , via a large mosaic of portrait shots  , for lancashire magazine . My first shoot was at a mosque in Blackpool and I took the images below . To develop this assignment i will take more shots like the first one shown in this post ….

My old toys !

Well after thinking About about other ideas  for nostalgia related images , the film ” Toy Story ” sprung to mind and i thought of how i get a sense of nostalgia when i think of my old toys and games i used to play with when i was younger . I thought i would do an image based around this . I think…

Experimental Studio Shoot

Studio Shot of Carla Sofia Costa Neves .

My Daughter

I just took this portrait of my daughter which she hates but i think is beautiful Lol it makes me smile everytime i look at it .