Limited Edition Hahnemuhle Gicle Prints

  Checkout here @ Ebay and here @ Etsy I am selling my original ltd edition signed 1 of 1 hahnemuhle A3 prints for a short time only, trying to raise £1000 and donate it to cancer research uk. These are professional A3 gicle prints on hahnemule photorag which increases their desireablity. Each print has distinctive toothed surface textures making them one of one original and authentic…

Long Distance Beard Art?

My long distance package from a friend Dave Carter Baker in Birmingham arrived today containing my shipment of Fused magazines. After cutting open with my big scissors and then vigoursly ripping back the flaps I was quite surprised to find an  extra gift . Should I frame it and lock it away in my downstairs safe. The art of grooming, beardart from bakersy by the grim weeder….

Fused Magazine

Take a look at my dps and interview by Peter Paul Hartnet in the fantastic Fused magazine, available throughout the Uk and selling at the eye candy popup store in Birmingham.    

Trip Magazine.

Take a look at my work documenting  the last inhabitants of Queenstown, a Blackpool high-rise revealing how decreased social mobility can cause deprivation and isolation featured on Trip Magazine uk.          

Scratching The Itch

Two weeks ago I invested in a new film camera which I am Planning to use on my new documentary/street project . I have also decided I am going to use film alongside my digital at all times . Film for me at this moment in time is definitely more exciting . It is currently having  a major resurgence in popularity and rightly so as it definitely contains an attraction…




My new photobook is available to buy on Amazon and Blurb .   ABOUT THE BOOK Set within Grange Park a council estate in Blackpool which the locals call strange . This book is derived from a desire to document areas of personal significant importance to myself with an intention to memorialise . By embedding myself in the lives of the people who live…


  The seaside football club Blackpool is on the precipice of a second successive relegation due to a team made up of poorly motivated and undermanaged players . But the root cause of the situation goes back to the chairman Karl Oyston and his father who has had his fair share of controversy throughout his life . So now the owners of Blackppol FC, the…

Sunday Funday ! Yes , I Know Its Monday .

  Should have gone to . Happy meals . Decisions . Come with me And you’ll be In a world of Pure imagination Sky Lines Little Fluffy Clouds 

Colour Profiling and Soft Proofing

With the mass uptake of digital imaging, home computing, portable devices and online publishing, it has become more important than ever to ensure that images appear correctly on a range of devices. As well as this, there is the issue of ensuring what is visible on your screen is what actually comes out of a printer or comes back from the printers you sent…