Feminism .

An image of mine representing gender and feminism  . Pornography and sexual suggestion , sexualizes and gives rise to womens inequality . As do the ideas around the very toys our children play with, as they grow up , in a culture that doesn’t realise the consequences of boundaries it is firmly cementing in place . It is ok for a man to do it…

Still life assignment module 403

Still Life: 6 Concepts : Joy ( Modernity) , Gender(feminism) , Reflection (culture) , Modernity (Futurism) . Nostalgia Thes are my final six still images developed around 6 chosen words of 9 available for the above assignment on my degree module 403 . Culture ( feminism ) . Joy ( Modernity ) Gender ( Feminism ) . Modernity ( Culture ) . Reflection ( Culture…

Image Sizing

Session 9 – Image Resizing

Actions and Batch Processing

Session 6 – Actions


Layers Session 5 – Photoshop Layers

Simple Adobe Bridge Use

Basic Use Of Adobe Bridge : Session 4 – Simple Adobe Bridge Use

RAW workflow Basics

RAW workflow Basics No matter how good your image manipulation, or retouching skills/post-processing skills are, there is a very real need to be able to extract the maximum quality and information from your camera’s RAW files. As discussed in previous sessions, RAW files do not have any embedded colour profile data, any sharpening applied, etc.  In fact, it’s just raw data, and nothing is…

Digital Capture and Workflow

Modern digital cameras capture images in a range of formats, commonly these are: JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) JPEG is perhaps the most common file format. It is popular due to the small file sizes it produces compared to other formats. JPEG files however, use what’s known as a “lossy Compression” technique to make them small. Data is thrown away in the compression, and…