Droplet Splash .

Droplet Splash . Single Shot . Timed Bounce Flash . #nikon D5300 #tamron ISO 100 90 mm F 8 1/200 Also on http://500px.com/photo/100386153 https://www.facebook.com/ShawShots http://instagram.com/StephenShaw_Artist https://twitter.com/BossXposure

Vigilance !

Vigilance ! An image i took  in a homemade lightbox studio with a softbox of what i think is ” The Green Shieldbug ” (Palomena prasina) , #hemiptera #heteroptera , I think . Keeping its antennae clean to keep its senses sharp . #nikon  D5300   #tamron  ISO 200 90 mm F 40 1/125 SEC Also on http://500px.com/photo/86189787 https://www.facebook.com/StephenShawNaturePhotography http://instagram.com/StephenShaw_NaturePhotography https://twitter.com/BossXposure https://stephenshawnaturephotography.wordpress.com

Look into my eyes ! …and choose the light .

I was out looking for southern hawkers a few days ago and i got this image which i liked quite a lot . I like how it transitions from dark to light in the photo . As i was thinking about it it made me realise how there is a lot of bad things going on in the world at the moment which we are…