Limited Edition Hahnemuhle Gicle Prints

  Checkout here @ Ebay and here @ Etsy I am selling my original ltd edition signed 1 of 1 hahnemuhle A3 prints for a short time only, trying to raise £1000 and donate it to cancer research uk. These are professional A3 gicle prints on hahnemule photorag which increases their desireablity. Each print has distinctive toothed surface textures making them one of one original and authentic…

Fused Magazine

Take a look at my dps and interview by Peter Paul Hartnet in the fantastic Fused magazine, available throughout the Uk and selling at the eye candy popup store in Birmingham.    




  The seaside football club Blackpool is on the precipice of a second successive relegation due to a team made up of poorly motivated and undermanaged players . But the root cause of the situation goes back to the chairman Karl Oyston and his father who has had his fair share of controversy throughout his life . So now the owners of Blackppol FC, the…


  Up To The Seventh Degree

A Shady Joint

On My Own

The Man Bar

One of the many local men only venues in Blackpool . Next door to the left is freddies bar and to the right is The Growler club . One for the boys

Fingered At The Dinmore

I won’t spoil it for you but Ill let you make your own mind up on this one . Insult or re-living a sex act from the past ? Taken whilst on a preliminary recce for a new project documenting a council estate in Blackpool . This is the local pub ” The Dinmore ” with a local resident walking past it on Dinmore…

Combat 18 Protest .

Today whilst driving down the promenade in Blackpool I came across a neo nazi protest by combat 18 . A large number of people had gathered in balaclavas and were showing their contempt for the numbers of immigrants being allowed into the country , particularly polish and Muslims . They were shouting hate speech over a loudspeaker and microphone tannoy system .     Unfortunately…

The Birdman And His Nigger .

The line where a cultures inmates meet , dissect and change the landscape is sometimes hard to fathom . Having lived on and around the Grange Park estate  in Blackpool all my life I have inside knowledge and find it easy to gain access to and approach the people . So I have started a new documentary project which involves Capturing the lives of some…