Utopia And Dystopia

Here i am dealing with binarys . Utopia/Dystopia …… Ballardian themes .

Utopian Destruction ? Dystopian modernity ? Problems arising from perfection ?

Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams 

Utopia a perfect society .

Highly desirable .

But perfect creations have unforeseen Dystopian consequences .

Ballardian Themes .

This is basically dystopia ,
dystopian modernity , bleak man made landscapes . Which relates more to previous dystopian ideas that have gone wrong . Not just how technology affects us negatively but how they collide .

Whilst trying to improve society we have often come across problems that cold have been avoided with great vision . Unknowingly we have created monsters from our dreams only to realise them at a late hour and so they tend to stick about for a bit or at least until morning when we have the light to see a solution , which sometimes may be too late ……

A recent project of mine Queenstown The last 7 shows this utopian destruction in the lives of 7 individuals .

It tells a story of ordinary people striving to live alongside social problems , created through by a grandiose desire to solve these social problems in the first place …. But then in reality causing cracks in these utopian dreams . Working class people surviving together amongst this dystopia using their own solutions . Society installed these rules and ideas which influenced and affected them and it shows clearly amongst the residents . It shows ideas instilled by a culture and people living their lives accordingly through these concepts . A proud and patriotic sub culture leaving their old lives behind with a strong desire for a better future .

Could these architectural flaws of utopian art have been avoided ?

So ….On appearance all seems well but actually if you delve deeper beneath the surface there are big problems .
Once it may of seemed like a good idea but it all too soon went wrong .

Another good ballardian reference , to me , would be technology and post apocalyptic nightmares caused through AI overpowering the human race or contacting an alien civilisation , War of the Worlds being a good examnple of the latter . Dystopian ballardian imagery has a connection with technology . Post apocalyptic breakdown of society through searching for utopian dreams causing a dystopian nightmare e.g. nuclear power . We can use the tech but it can cause problems .

An illustration of something in society that has gone bad .The internet ? Vaccinations ? Healthcare ? Religion ? Greek society ? All made to be good but are going wrong or doing so in our era .Something that was meant to be good but has gone bad .

Use different themes to speak of an uncertain future .

Mankind has created a heavy burden it carries on its shoulders and now has a big job on its hands to keep this planet running smoothly and to not destroy our world through its addiction to power and domination . We don’t want be another civilisations scientific find in a million years that may help prevent their extinction we need to have this vision to prevent these problems from happening in the first place and strive to a great future .

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