The Domestic And The Uncanny

Showing my own use of the uncanny in some of my previous images below .

One such is the ” Uncanny ” . There is no doubt that this belongs to the realm of the frightening , of what evokes fear and dread .

Sigmund Freud

Heimlich .

Belonging to the house , not strange , familiar , tame dear and intimate .

Locus Suspectus . In unheimlicher nachtzeit .

Everything that was to remain secret and hidden away but comes into the open .

Creepy and strange . Feelings of repulsion and stress .

Familiar yet unfamiliar .

It is clear that something should become frightening precisely because it is unknown yet familiar . Something must be added to the novel and familiar if it is to become uncanny .

Eerie .

Things that look odd e.g. as in Alice in wonderland when in the small room .


Secrets .

A revealer of secrets or a man to which secrets are revealed .

Creepy Inanimate dolls which seem to possess a life of their own .

The white rabbit ,

as in donnie darko or alice in wonderland which all give uncanny feelings .


Petra .

The ringmaster of circus Mondeo .

The Sandman .




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