Marketing In Photography

Marketing In Photography .


We all need to be Earning money to carry on our practice to Make our practice sustainable . So Learning the formula to exploit the system is a good idea .

This is the process through which goods and services move from concept to customer . Marketing is the rounded process that covers the inception of a product or service . Its is Market research bringing your concept to the customer and understanding it with regards to the customer .

The 6 ps ?

Product or service .

This involves Selling your ideas and product . More of a service than a product . Should solve an urgent need for a customer . A service needs the right feature . Easy to use and visually attractive .

Create a branding logo that sells you as a person and your work . Create  business cards , social media websites , or zeens etc . I need a good brand . It’s not neccasarily the high quality of the product looking at Mc Donald’s they provide a consistent reliable product but the quality of the food is terrible .

Marketing for services

Let the customers know who you are by Selling yourself highlighting your quality and showing the customer what value and quality they get with your work . Specialise in one area so people look for you because you are the man for this job . Eg lion photographer takes the best photos of lions . they are known for this so therefore people will seek them out simply because of this fact . You have established a reputation for being that sort of professional . Let people know by your branding and social media websites exactly what they will be getting . It’s a long winded process of establishing a reputation .Make customers happy and provide a good service . Become freindly with them .


The ladder .

Climbing the ladder . Improving your position on the ladder . It’s how the quality of your product and service is perceived and regarded by your customers on the ladder that counts . Consider where you wish to be . Consider price and service . Aldi have moved up the ladder because they provide a better service . Are you  going to sell one image for a million pound like harrods or a million images for a pound each like poundland . you should be looking to position yourself somewhere in the middle to achieve the best results . Think who your customers are who will use my product eg London is a great area to sell your work so it would make sense to develop a customer base in London .


Attracting your target customer . It’s about Building a relationship that I can turn into commerce .


We all need to earn an income to support ourselves and our photography . So Pricing your product you must know 4 things .

Your own costs that you have on your own materials and work etc .

Your markup . What is the standard , mark up , profit margin on the service you provide . Is your  work of value . What value are you to your customer . If you have a unique vision you can charge more . what will it cost the customer to not have what I’m offering .


Make sure you charge the proper costs eg don’t do anything for cheap make sure you have the correct prices . You can then grow the business and pay employees . There is no limit to your financial success .

What is it .

Getting your work out in the industry and known . Contacting people in the industry . Advertising yourself , your work and ideas . Putting out a public persona  with zeens , social media , contacting businesses , business cards and magazines . Attending events where you can network or meet potential employers . Finding important contacts in the business and manufacturing a community

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