Combat 18 Protest .

Today whilst driving down the promenade in Blackpool I came across a neo nazi protest by combat 18 . A large number of people had gathered in balaclavas and were showing their contempt for the numbers of immigrants being allowed into the country , particularly polish and Muslims . They were shouting hate speech over a loudspeaker and microphone tannoy system . 
Unfortunately ….and which is not usually the case I only had my iPhone on my person . I usually go equipped ^^ . But I suppose something is better than nothing . 

They was quite a bit of unruly commotion and the odd scuffle breaking out between right wing instigators and a gang of polish men who seemed to be making regular phone calls . The police protest liaison officers were in sight with lots of normal police and some police medics scattered about . The protesters were making a point about some alleged Muslim rapes that happened the previous night and also how our government has sold us out and we are second class citizens in our own country . 

   This was a moment just before two people were heckling each other and they came close to blows , a combat 18 man and a polish male . 
There were lots of different flags and banners supporting both sides of the argument . Buffer zones were set up to keep different groups apart and people were shouting at the men in balaclavas to show their faces , which they eventually did prior to there speech over the tannoy . 



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