Place . Deathlessness .

My photographs are Immortal .

My photographs have Immortalised .

Can we not be a photograph ?

As death is a reality but its influence only lives in the realm of our subconscious , like a guarded room we choose to keep shut and which is hard to comprehend and as if in a dream . The door to this room for my subjects has been opened , one irreversibly so .

The associated totems I have chose to put in my module and all my current work to date are of a similair genesis . There are layers upon layers upon layers . Are you willing to go deep down to the basement . Can you even comprehend it ? Only certain ones will . The less relevant you are the more simple will be your discovery . The prize will be discovered by my suitably chosen subjects and time itself will or will not permit it . If the viewer wishes to search then he will find their reality both as informer and fantastical solution . If you cannot find them then maybe the viewer should ask . Ask me for death as it is a dream I will most willingly explain but only with my work !


What is a dream ?

Is it not death ?

The layer between life and death , our prerecorded lifeline set out as subliminal hints at something greater . If I can see it then so can my camera . Then So , can you ….. If you go beyond the surface then you may be able to picture death , or even smell it , a daring person could taste it , as I see it ( or can you ? ) even though you can’t in your own life it is looming somewhere in my work as in your life .

As well as documenting death I have tried to convey this specifically human condition in singular images . The way I myself perceive it in my minds eye . I have tried to bring it in every creative way possible .

Some of the images , although very hard to do , I purposefully deleted and destroyed  . The hardest of which one was of a close relative which I had more reason to keep than the others .



Do you feel loss ? As in death . A small grieving for what we love . One sense of our cultures phenomenologically created attitude towards death ?

The only reason I would keep death as it is would be for people are more creative when it’s close by ……..

But alas I will warm that briefly stressed ego as I did also make a copy as if it were a cryogenically frozen time capsule for someone to find maybe years if not decades from now .

Reincarnation ?

My work is like a backwards binary . A utopia arising from dystopia instigated by a secret but not lost , imagined world we all fear .

cropped-cropped-rs.jpgAs in death .

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