The Final Place


My latest project regarding place is based on cultural taboos and fears and problems surrounding death and our society .

So i have been documenting people who have been close to death .

Roger P BW Colour.jpg



Or places associated with death .


2 Feet .

Everything we do is subconsciously controlled by the thought of our own mortality . Our very culture was brought about to provide herd protection from our greatest fears and to prolong our inevitable fate . Sanitisation . Hospitals . Religion . Medicine . Genetics . Food . Our homes . Diet . Exercise ( to mention just a few ) you name it and ultimately it is a form of self preservation or security against the grim reaper .

But this growth and protection of ourselves through knowing that our final curtain will one day be drawn , leads us to excessive consumption of our surroundings to delay deaths rapid onslaught . Which in turn causes many of todays problems such as global warming and overpopulation .

I find it hard to believe that we could continue to sustain a population as big as ours and each individual within it with long healthy lives and not have the planet pay the ultimate price of complete extinction through our wanting of our own perpetuity . How Ironic ……

Death is like a cultural disease that eats away at society .

I wonder if it is possible for an intellectually evolved society to be convinced it is immortal ?

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