Infra Red



I have been experimenting with different infra red effects in photoshop . Infra red is good to use with landscapes ( I like the reds whites and candy pinks as they are so surreal ) but is also good in BW Infra red portraits . Architecture is another good option with its dark sky effect . Here is my favourite procedure which you could save as an action .

1 . If you have lightroom then firstly adjust all settings to your preference but i like to specifically fully open the shadows and lower the highlights with this infra red technique . Duplicate your image layer in photoshop and set it to overlay blend at 60 % opacity , name this ” Infra Red “.

2 . Next add a channel mixer layer ( You can click monochrome  or not to produce a slightly different effect ) and set reds to 100 , green to 200 and blue to – 200 . Drag this layer below your duplicated layer and above the original .

3 . Select your ” infra red ” layer and go to image> adjustments > Hue/saturation , select the yellow channel and put your hue to – 130 ( you can choose your own preferred hue here it doesn’t have to be -130 )and your saturation to 40 .

4 . If you want a more realistic effect it would be good idea to add a 10 % gaussian blur layer as real infra red film tends to be slightly blurry ( which i did in the second shot below ) .

5 . After this you can adjust using any other techniques you prefer to your own liking .

Above and below are some of my own images I have used with the same technique .


Hadrians Scythe



Wrynose Pass

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