A Weekend in Amsterdam


Ahhh Hallo …. Yesterday the elusive passport arrived and all the christmas supplies came early so I’ve been thinking about where to go for a bit of a wild adventure ( before I get to develop the 10 rolls 120 film I’ve been acquiring over the past 6 months and patiently waiting to look at with fresh eyes ) .


I thought paris as its definitely a photographers dream destination but that can wait until next year . Then columbia was mentioned as you can get a woman bb and drink all night for a tenner …..apparently ( ok for some but Not my scene I’m happily married ) , and …  i don’t fancy bumping into Pablo Escobar any time soon I don’t think I would make it home . Anyway its been decided that Amsterdam is a good first choice due to cheap costs and short flying time .

UkpassportFilm-8So … with my film supplies arriving early Im very excited to use the pentax 67 and kodak portra 120 for some hopefully ” Gorgeous Documentary Portraits  “, I hear it has amazing clarity and fantastic skin tones . Supposedly its the best you can get along with the tri – x .

Opportunitys for street and portraitures should be off the chart as I hear  you can legally fuck and smoke weed outdoors . So I presume most people will definitely have a more laid back and different perspective on life in Amsterdam 😉 . Hopefully less of a problem having their picture took , I suppose thats if they even realise , too busy stoned or in the throes of passion to notice my camera .

I hear its not only cannabis you can buy over there but also ecstasy and mushrooms . Also quite popular with cocaine and my pal seems to know the language well ” Hoe kom ik aan coke, kankerlijer ” ? Trust its right he’s an expert .

Mushrooms were banned in 2008 but they always seem to find loopholes everywhere , never mind in a lawfully relaxed place like the dam , so they now sell truffles which contain psilocybin and ecstasy in places called ” smart shops ” .

The food sounds nice as well roti ( curried chicken ) , drop ( sausage and mash dam style ) and stampot ( local liquorice sweet ) being a few to choose from .

So I am looking forward to experiencing the culture of these people and documenting their lives .

Ill try and continue posting and updating but if not and you don’t hear from me in the next 2 weeks either the planes blown up or I’ve been kidnapped and you’ll find me in a window somewhere in the dam  . Contact the British Consulate ……. Dank u und Tot ziens




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