A UK Passport


Well i don’t know about all the people wanting to get into this country at the moment but i just want to get out of it . You would not believe how hard it is compared to 20 years ago when you could just go and get a passport at the post office , obtaining it the same day or else a courier would deliver it to you the day after .



I had to speak to two separate interviewers and give them my whole life story from what cereal I ate ( Cheerios lol ) to the route I take to Uni in the morning street by street and also at one point i mentioned what colour socks I wear in bed  . This lady was obviously very easy to talk to and we were talking for ages about the strangest of things that you wouldn’t expect to be a topic in a interview for a passport .  She asked me why I couldn’t immediately remember my childs DOB and that her husband was exactly the same and winds her up because he pretends he doesn’t know it when really he does ….. ^^ well thats what he trys to make out  . Also what car I had and we continued to compare each others , She had a Honda civic . What clothes i usually wear and how long Id had my beard ??

The next 5 minutes were filled with her enquiring about my camera and me handing her a card  explaining I am a photographer  and she may be appearing on a website ( If she doesn’t mind her picture being took ) . Then i gave her the name and we talked about her shyness to cameras but eventually she seemed quite happy about it . She actually started to enjoy it and  shouted her manager out for a portrait but he refused too busy drinking tea and eating biscuits lol .

All in all it was an enjoyable day and i even got to use two rolls of medium format film on the pentax 67 . I never thought Id be allowed to take pictures in a passport office it all seemed very highly secure full of locks and CCTV … Very security conscious . Well its the first time i have done that and probably the last ……



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