Searching For Gold .


The above image is a photoshop manipulation of a recent photograph I took based on a memory I have of a recurring dream with the sculpture being used as a stand in for me .

One of my attractions to Art and photography was the creative aspect  and finding an outlet with which to make my imagination become a reality in one form or another . I find it deeply satisfying and rewarding to create original work with new concepts . The creative aspect opens doors and leads me down paths i would not otherwise have known about and rewards me with more questions and ultimately more knowledge .

I have recently started down a path  where I am creating artistically , memorys from my dreams and screen memorys from childhood , and using it as a sort of subconscious dumping ground to channel my imagination into something concrete and worthwhile . Looking for a way to link my imagination to reality .

 I feel there is a connection .

My latest work has lead me to a question regarding place and memory , childhood memorys and their frailty . Can I prove this unreliability of memory of place through time artistically .

These glimpses of my childhood through time ,  what is their importance to me now ?

“If a certain childhood experience asserts itself in the memory, this is not because it is golden but because it has lain beside gold”
(Freud; The Uncanny)


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