The Nig Pig

This past few weeks I have frequently been awoken by strange happenings coming from the cellar . It is mainly a noise that i hear , and it is not of any familiar earthly substance . After investigating numerous times I only find it stops or fades as I approach the cellar . Each time I have peered through the keyhole , and thought my eyes deceived me , after noticing a seemingly phantasmal dwindling light which came and went as fast as I blinked , so i put it down to being tired and my mind playing tricks on me .

These eerie occurrences prompted me to set up a voice recorder and my old Pinhole lightbox before I went to sleep . I didn’t expect to come up with anything at all as i am quite a skeptic but …….What i have recorded here has actually made me think twice about staying in this house .

I have named it Desdemona …….


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