Freud . The Uncanny . A Critical Analysis . Part 1 .


Waking from a nightmare .

Critical Analysis and Investigation .

In freuds chapter “ The Uncanny “ in “ The Uncanny “, Freud seeks to find how in general studies “ the uncanny “ has been neglected and less written about than many other works relating to this quality of feeling . How is the uncanny this typical and most interesting domain of the fearful distinguished from other similar emotions ? Seemingly upset that most of our human intellectual efforts have been directed towards and more bothered with in-depth interpretations of its opposite . It seems only correct to myself that people would at first be more concerned with studies on what is beautiful and sublime than what causes distress and repulsion .One reason for this could be the fact that people suffer a sense of the uncanny in varying degrees and it is hard to put a constant variable upon it .

A person who is more orientated in his environment is less likely to suffer and sense instances of the uncanny whereas a person who is less at home in his surroundings would more likely become prone to encounter the uncanny at a more frequent rate .So the uncanny is related somehow in each of us to something that was once well known ( familiar ) but has become unknown or contorted from its normal homely reality ( unfamiliar ) , this seemingly a reason why they become frightening . As an intellectual uncertainty most definitely makes us unsure and afraid but maybe less so than suspected unknown danger it is still one of the conditions that provoke it . Many other conditions can also heighten its intensity such as foreign or alien objects and environments . So …also by describing the Heimlich ( sense of the Homely ) can help us decipher its opposite unheimlich ( unhomely ) thus leading us to a greater understanding of “ The uncanny “ . From which of all the translations from german to English I find the following 2 passages most helpful in providing us with a means to escape into ourselves and give these distinct feelings a way to manifest themselves for greater interpretation and study ….

1 “ Concealed, kept from sight, so that others do not get to know about it, withheld from others in secret . To do something heimlich, i.e. behind someone’s back; to steal away heimlich; heimlich meetings and appointments; to look on with heimlich pleasure at someone’s discomfiture; to sigh or weep heimlich; to behave heimlich, as though there was something to conceal .

2 “‘“The Zecks are all “heimlich.”’ ‘“Heimlich”? What do you understand by “heimlich”?’ ‘Well, . . . they are like a buried spring or a dried-up pond. One cannot walk over it without always having the feeling that water might come up there again.’ ‘Oh, we call it “unheimlich”; you call it “heimlich.” Well, what makes you think that there is something secret and untrustworthy about this family?”’

So something familiar we thought we knew becomes known with uncertain intellectuality as to its full certainty which gives a frightening sense of “ the uncanny ” as its reality is too hard to bear and so it is denied but still always lingering . An object place or occurence only you can comprehend , and invisible to strangers , through its personal ambiguity and familiarity is also in some way connected to the uncanny and its level in each of us .

As a general experiment I would like to display to the reader of this text a personal exercise in feeling “ The Uncanny “ by promoting a new word , with regards to the above texts, which is inesquiescant , and would be used to explain the unexpected feeling and subtle experiencing of ” The Uncanny ” through investigatory means .

I will leave the viewer to ponder this until i produce part two of this analysis and investigation tomorrow .

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