The Easiest Way To Make A Cinemagraph .

Making the Cinemagraph .

As digital cameras also record HD video, visual artists have been constantly trying to converge these two mediums (still and video) in order to create new forms of expression. One of these that is easy to create but has some potentially useful applications is the Cinemagraph. A cinemagraph is essentially a still image with part (or parts) of the frame masked out to allow a video file to play in just one part of the image.

1 Drag your video into photoshop which will then make the timeline pop up .

2 Duplicate your video layer with cmd/ J .

3 Go to the layers panel and drag your duplicated layer to the top .

4 Then move/drag the duplicated video to the beginning of the timeline .

5 Right click on the top layer and choose rasterize and add a layer mask .

6 Switch to the brush tool selecting the appropriate brush softness and paint over the area you want to keep the movement for .

7 Press the space bar to preview and then export your work by naming the file and choosing H.264 format and pressing render .

One of the surest devices for producing slightly uncanny effects is to leave the viewer wondering wether a particular figure is a real person or an automaton , Lest he should be prompted to examine and settle the matter at once .

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