Making Pictures . Finding Solitude . The language of Photography .

My mind was throbbing . I just couldn’t  get back into the swing of things .


I felt like I was stood still …..Whilst the world carried on around me .

Stuck in the Matrix .

Everything seemed to be in slow motion .


and I couldnt quite see what was around the corner .


I had lost my way .

family beach 2

and felt like the whole world was watching …… Amused  at my ,

 On My Own

Solitude and isolation .

Stand By Me

After reflecting on a lot of my recent images there seems to be a strong theme of loneliness detachment and isolation

Or is that just what i am seeing ?  .

What do you see ?

The photograph is like a transparent envelope . Roland Barthes .

I feel it always a good idea to occasionally look back on your images to see if they speak to you in different ways . I find it quite amazing to look back on photographs i have took and search for connections which don’t always seem apparent when you took them . It is like my subconscious mind is talking to me from the past . Making things clearer . Showing me the light at the end of the tunnel .

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