Professional Practice

I Need to start engaging with the industry in some way shape or form this year as an expectation of the module is taking place in some kind of industrial research . My next task is to construct a good , efficient document cv . Spending time researching how to put a good one together wouldn’t be a bad idea , as a specific type of cv is required .

It’s a good idea that i find an effective work placement or work experience that i will learn from gaining some invaluable experience , imagine getting a work experience with Bruce Gilden ( Not nessarily better just because he is more well known …….unless you learn and synthesise the knowledge from the experience ) . It’s better to get work somewhere where you learn something and synthesise worthwhile lessons out of it . The quality of your placement doesn’t matter ( Although i wouldn’t say no ) .

So I need to get stuck into putting some effort into emailing , using Twitter , contacting and befriending people in the industry to create this opportunity , and make sure I Get to grips with finding a placement involved with what I am most interested in or excited about e.g documentary conceptual or street .

I am an artist and a creator i can pull beautiful things out of nothing .

So …. Where are these placements ?

1 The web .

On the Prospects web site i can search for work placements even looking abroad for a placement .

The big choice ( website , with large organisations ) Large organisations generally have a small place for people in need of work experience .

Indeed . ( website ) . A motivated person can turn these into something good .

2 Approaching practitioners .

Cold calling all ok but sometimes they don’t like this so it is better to make friends with them as it could get you a placement easier and quicker .

3 Professional body of photographers .

Association of photographers the AOP ( I have joined this thus gaining numerous benefits and a job title ( Some ex students from blackpool include Dylan collard and andy glass ) , Being a member of this peer group has huge benefits , now I can say I’m a member of AOP ^^ . I also get a reduced rate on entering all their competitions and there is an app , a magazine , insurance and a Usage calculator to calculate costs for my work .

The British institute for professional photography does similar package although it is slightly dearer .

4 Enter competitions .

5 The Agency .

This is located in our college and is getting level 6 to participate in the hundreds of jobs that the college has . I could Get a placement On this .


1 Become friends with them .

2 Be professional .

3 Do a good speech .

4 Prepare a covering email

5 Prepare an online portfolio

Tonights is to write a persuading covering email with an attached pdf portfolio inviting people to look at my website . I am using mail chimp to distribute them because it can see if your email or website is effective as it checks how long people look at your email or open it for etc giving you a valuable insight .

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