Then and now ….. Theres a bit of a difference !

Well …. last year was tight and we were being slowly broke in ( Im just hoping it doesn’t get any harder or it will hurt ) ! Anyway this year we should be loose and ready for action so its time to put some effort in , forget about the doggie paddle , and start learning the poetic butterfly .

If i am to follow my passion of controlling the uncontrollable moment , I need to apply it in a culturally significant way so it generates an entirely original talking point that benefits our race ! To find a great new concept is not easy , but i am lucky because i feel the creative side comes natural to me , because nowadays with google you find most ideas have been expressed from every angle and into oblivion . But …. i am determined and know there is a limitless reservoir of undiscovered avenues to travel down .

I need to construct images that i understand inside out and backwards so i can talk strongly about their context and what they contain . Every denotation and connotation  should be worked from all angles and known fluently . I need to convey my passion for what i feel strongly about in society and express it across all modern boundaries , races , cultures , genders ( more than 2 ) and nationalitys , ( Knowing each outcome and viewpoint and feeling confident that the whole planet can realise them ) , with a common selling point that hits hard and true to each individual .To improve my photography I need to understand what my photography is ?  Also know how contemporary photography operates in the world . This needs to become as second nature as the very images i am drawn to . I need to be conscious of ” DISCOURSE ” .The more in depth I explain My photography the better  . I will Look at a selection of cultural activities and how we view them , then evaluate , reflect and give my opinions to enhance human understanding via my cultural perspective .


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