Salat … Bin !

I decided to venture out for a second time at night after meeting some typical Blackpool sights and interesting people in the day .


I thought my luck would hold out and bring me some more images for my latest project on the changing Multiculturalism of Blackpool streets . So off i popped on another journey that always seems to lead me to a seemed pre – determined click of the shutter  . I cannot avoid these seconds , the stage is already set . Its as if a photo is always waiting for me somewhere along my route i just follow my heart . Many instances will jump out at me but there is always the one moment that I feel was more exceptional that the others .


It is very multi – cultural in Blackpool and the Pleasure Beach is no exception .

An image doesn’t have to be technically or aesthetically perfect but is better if it contains a strong message about society . My Favourite images contain each of four elements , emotion , surprise , distress with a topic that is culturally relevant and contemporary , the more hidden truths and connotations that draw me back to it … the better .  I like to call an image that i am happy with one that has satisfied the sweet spot of my gut , and dispelled my cravings and anxieties ( If only for a short time until the next ) . I am in pursuance of an addiction to gorge its appetite . The image that makes me ask questions . That fulfils my need of knowledge and helps me acquire answers . The image that tells a poetic story to others . Perception that is partially preconceived and has the ability to change , opening up whole new layers for discussion . Ironies that make us think .


Muslims wearing full nib and burqa are taking part in there last daily ritual of prayer called salat at Blackpool pleasure beach . Behind the two young girls is a partially obscured caged lion whilst in front of them is a bin hidden slightly by the mother . Their belongings are scattered around them on the floor .


To me the caged lion behind them was symbolic of todays patriotism that some people feel in this multi cultural society caused by misconceived ideas that have been gratuitously used for influence and developed around coping with death . Power that is being caged or held back in some way although it is still very much capable , it is restrained . Bin in islam is the ” Son ” and arabic  is abu, meaning “the father of.” In western society a bin is just somewhere to throw your load of rubbish , items , things or notions that are finished with and do no longer matter . In this image to me the bin is a metonym for …. All Religion ! The rubbish inside metaphorically is the uselessness of its contexts . It is a very big part of our culture that has a lot to answer for .

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