Not the usual day today ! There was so much going on everywhere I looked . My eyes were met with a feast of typical Blackpool promenade Culture . Drunks . Tourists . Homeless . Drug Addicts . Hen and Stag partys . Screaming gangs of Hooligans wanting to fight and cause misery for their own satisfaction . But what really caught my eye and filled my mind with agitation was not the fact that two male homeless men , who had slept in a nightclub doorway were getting ready for another day on the road . Not that they were smoking crack in broad daylight . Not that they were pushing a pram around with all there belongings in whilst drinking last nights left over cider ( Urine ? ) . Or that they were selling rag mags or some other form of stolen magazine for 2 pound a piece to buy more drugs and alcohol , as these are all common place in Blackpool . But  i couldn’t understand why there was a young girl poking her head out from inside the pram storage tray canopy under the main seat  , behind the jack russel dog , where the orange bag of clothes was given priority .


Homelessness is very sad , but a homeless child is even worse .

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