The Heart Of A Lion ,


These are two images from a recent project of mine , which will soon be finished and put on my website . I focused on the different types of people living on a council estate , which is soon to be demolished , and all the residents being rehomed . My work shows an underlying cultural message from a group of normal working class people living together , enduring and surviving amongst the dystopia , living alongside it and all that this entails . A proud and patriotic working class sub culture leaving their old estate behind with a strong desire to have a better future , which is something we all want and should take heed of .

It tells a story of ordinary people striving to live alongside social problems and how society has installed rules and ideas to influence and affect these unaware populations , showing themselves clearly amongst these people . It shows ideas instilled by a culture and people acting out and living their lives accordingly through these concepts . They have been moulded by societies notions which have been placed upon them ( forced ? ) , unknowingly but willingly accepted , innocently but obligingly to a predetermined script . This script needs to be re-written .

Lion Rug 2

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