The Accomplished Incubus

These are two recent images ( of many ) from a project i am doing , which I will soon be finishing and putting the end result on my website . I focused on the different types of people living on a council estate . The one above is a typical kitchen on the 17 th floor of a council buildings where a suicide took place . The area is renowned for suicides and has the highest rate in england .

More tradgedy and emotion was at one time flowing around this uncomplicated kitchen area than most people in your average family will ever witness in their entire lives . The pure charged Despair and sorrow that once was a reality in this ether … space ….atmosphere of this simple kitchen belies …. is misrepresented by such an commonplace household image and does not give justice to what actually happened here with the numerous suicides on Queenstown . But this for me sums up a stark contrast of the concept of what we don’t see or realise is going on in different places we just do not understand or experience . The idea of the sheer madness of what once existed and was real but is now a just a rested memory abandoned to history .

A forgotten mistake that cannot be learned from  …… But photography can solve these problems for future generations . My images carry on this thought so others can witness it and maybe help prevent these problems in the future

In the area they live there are consistently found higher levels of emotional strain, stress, depression, mental illness . It has been and is an important part of our culture to document , making a visual factual testament to the people who lived within them and how thy responded and evolved within it and the problems that arise .

My work shows a group of normal working class people living together , enduring and surviving together amongst the dystopia , living alongside it and all that this entails . A proud and patriotic working class sub culture leaving Queenstown behind but striving towards a better future , which is something we all want and should take heed of .

My work shows ordinary people striving to live alongside social problems and how society has installed rules and ideas to influence and affect these unaware populations , showing themselves clearly amongst these people . It shows ideas instilled by a culture and people acting out and living their lives accordingly through these concepts . They have been moulded by society notions that have been placed upon them ( forced ? ) unknowingly but willingly accepted , innocently but obligingly to a predetermined script . This script needs to be re-written for all our sakes .


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