Desire ( Photography to me )

Burns like a thousand suns


I saw and took this image whilst sat in my T4 on cleveleys promenade in Blackpool with my two young children whilst profoundly thinking about one of my deep passions ….. Photography . The sun was setting and it was very peaceful . I was parked up at the cove and taking polaroids of the kids . An overwhelming  sense of excitement came to me mixed with a love that i feel only for my family . This is the desire and satisfaction i experience each day when i am doing what i love ….. Photography . It is exciting and dangerous with the power to change the world and helps us to see themes and problems in society and realise strategies for coping with them that benefit our culture and evolve our species in a way that no other medium has before it or… ever will . I look intensely into its absolute pureness and spend time acutely contemplating its every detail wishing to achieve a new style or realise something original about its uniqueness that i am sure is there for us all to determine and discover .

I know there are many images yet to be viewed enjoyed and scrutinised that will re-write history as they have before . I know there are images that will change the world and make it a better place for future generations to live more peacefully . This is what spurs me on and I intend to seek out these images as great photographers before me also have . But ….. I want to find out its real beauty and the the secrets photography holds that haven’t yet been unveiled .

This stream of consciousness or train of thought that i had is what sparked the above image as i sat in thought and hushed silence . As the buddha once said ” Your best ideas come to you whilst thinking alone and in peace ” , i wholeheartedly agree with this and intend to spend more instances doing so .

The memory above and everything it holds comes flooding back to me overtime i glimpse this image . The time spent with my children . The sunset . The laughter . The actual feelings ( albeit in a more diluted form ) are felt once more with just a glance into this vortex of a thousand suns representing my desire to find something new . Each time i gaze upon the oranges , yellows and reds my vigour and intense devotion is re-ignited . This is the power of photography to me .

Photography is always on my mind and the desire to find a new way of expressing myself with , and to find something new about it . I feel that something very important is yet to be found . I feel that there is something amazing hidden within photography , in all its technicality and raw beauty . The way it prolongs memorys that could otherwise disappear . How it is a tool for control and media direction . Photography to me is one of the most important inventions that man has ever encountered .

That enclosed captured moment of light from surface is a magnificent , beautiful and emotionally stirring complex and significant exponent everytime the shutter is pressed ( The rush i feel with each pressing is enough to drive me on and this is just one aspect of the million joys of photography I experience ) . I am trying to describe how i feel when i am out working with the tool i love . Every time the shutter is pressed a new universe is born into a non existent reality , ( and helps this problematic reality assuredly grow into something better  ) , that makes it all worthwhile and helps me convey my past to the future on a physically materialistic flat 2d surface for others to realise .

Art and photography have a big future in my mind . I am striving and hope to bring something very new to the table with and for its betterment and all our profit .

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