Shooting Street

A visual metonym for the NHS and the strain put upon it by an increasingingly larger older population and the moral rights and wrongs it brings you to question .


Usually i like to work with instinct to just go with it and shoot fast i like to feel the image it just appears like a visual metonym in my mind it hits out at me and i know i want the image . I know when i see it they appear in my mind already framed and visualised as i need it to be . Something connects and i feel a rush of adrenalin and an excited pleasurable sensation which peaks when i have got the shot and even more so when it is exactly as i envisioned it . I  use the camera as a tool to get what i want .


I notice unusual moments and can perceive them momentarily before they occur  . I read events in a sort of chronological order that isn’t always exact but usually not far off . It feels natural and exciting and takes me to a focused place i love to be as all my anxietys just seem to wash away when I’m there . I forget the world around me and enter another world in my mind . My world consisting of hopes , fears , desire , joys , happiness …… Notions that i wish to express .


I can treasure these moments that would of gone and disappeared forever if not for noticing them and making them eternal ….. We miss so much each day i find it sad that we cannot experience everything , every single moment is valuable to us all in a million different ways . I Feel i am satisfying this craving with my camera .


We can learn so much through recording as much of our lives as possible and one single moment lost could have been that important moment that changes our history and helps us as a species .


We are in an important and defining time and have great responsibility to ensure future generations are met with better conditions and a beautiful planet we can be confident they will be able to live peacefully upon and strive forward into their futures with strength and vigour


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