Format 15

Yesterday i went to the International Photographic festival called Format 15 . It was a good event but some of the set exhibitions were not on when you got to them . But all in all I enjoyed it and found some new artists to add to my favourites list ,  ten zhang ( Son and Bitch ) , Fu Yu Splendid Putrid , Lin Shu Toxic and xu xiaxiao Golden Mountain . Fred Ramos , Shannon Jensen simon norrfolk , ashley gilbertson , edmund clark , zia gafic .

I took quite a few Photos myself whilst walking around Derby town and the project i had in mind was religion and peoples changing mindsets towards it from old to young , past and modern .

The Old God .


Man has created death , except for man all creatures are immortal . So Man Created the old Gods .

The New God .

Science . Technology .


Life is a constant war we are doomed to lose . Thus we worship  science and technology and strive towards new ways of enjoying and prolonging our life ( Cryogenics ,  vitamins , health and fitness , resurrection and downloading our souls )   . The mobile phone is like the new Deity people staring into its virtual light on a daily basis like they are memorised by a newfound idol . all reality and dullness of their real life is forgotten as they live their ideal fantasy life through this ever satisfying god who grants their every wish , albeit it be only in their minds .

Religions of Peace .


All men think all men mortal but themselves .

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