Righteous Dopefiend …… An Ethnography

An image can say different things to each individual depending on their life experiences thus photography can provoke different psychological and emotional responses ( Rorschach Reactions ) . Someone who has not experienced fully what you are trying to convey in an image will not have a proper understanding and might be swayed in their judgement of it by what they have been told Is the truth , or deduced by other means , thinking its reality . When in a matter of fact it couldn’t be further from what the actuality is .

The general public is often niave and believes what it is told ! It can only make assumptions based on its own memories . If a rich or middle class person looks at just the images ( without a thick description ) in righteous dopefiend they will probably be disgusted and say its all their fault etc and only judge them by their own nurtured viewpoint which could be distorted and the problem may carry on ( or worsen ) due to a lack of empathic knowledge and understanding . But if someone who already has an understanding of them as phillipe bourgeois , looks at the image , then they see or get an entirely different context or feel from it and this will provoke a different outcome to how he reacts and how he conveys his opinions to other people , and a better solution will be arrived at and put into action .

These risks and irresponsibilitys can be removed by adding a thick description to each image and writing a full ethnography containing a great understanding of what you are trying to bring to the publics attention so they distinguish and perceive fully what the actual problem is .

We can create our own problems which may affect us unknowingly into our futures . As is apparent in our society and all different cultures . Each person thinks they know what the truth is until someone else comes along and shatters the illusion by making clear to them its not as they think but is in fact the actual opposite which has unintentionally caused themselves to be a victim of their own misguided frame of reference . This will slowly cause their world as they know it to fall apart . But sometimes this is a good learning outcome that can be for the better . If we know the truth through a masterful understanding or great perception of what we are dealing with and what might come of it then we can make a proper judgement and solve the problems before they become apparent in our society .

People are not bothered if its not happening to them they are living inside their own universe with different circumstances , rules and realitys …So to make a change to something we are passionate about we need properly communicate our full meaning understanding and vision fully .

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