Omnipotent Scrutiny at the gates of heaven .


Always getting stopped by jehovahs witness . Had quite a chat .

It came to me with a sense of irony .

Everyone sees things differently ….

In this modern day society with our current feminist trends is it wrong to refer to god as a female ? ( They didn’t like that )

Will i still get into heaven ?

Would i want to if i couldn’t ?

The old blocked doorway ( Gates of Heaven ) and female mannequin look more looming up and above and at an angle ….as in a dream or vision . I could of done it better if they would have let me direct them nearer the pub but time and their unwillingness to work with me put a stop to this lol . I decided to put the jehovahs witness at the side of the frame because i feel like religion and certain religious ideals are being or have already been pushed aside ( out of the frame ) by scientific theorys ( satellite Dish’s ) .

One Comment on “Omnipotent Scrutiny at the gates of heaven .

  1. To us it sounds very strange a Jehovah Witness asking you if you would like to go into heaven. They do know like other non-trinitarian Christians that we shall not go into heaven but may have hopes for the Kingdom of God, which will be here on earth (for us).


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