Kodak Box brownie

Finally got to scan my box brownie negatives on the flexcolor hasselblad x1 . I used fuji reala 120 format film in a 1933 box brownie and i am very happy with the results especially compared to the agfa synchro box which produced poorer images .

I took the  brownie to a local pet sanctuary called easterleigh which homes stray and abandoned animals ( horses pigs dogs cats hamsters etc ) . I was too late to add them to my film project on portraiture which was a shame , but anyway here they are

The first group i will post are from  easterleigh and the second group are test shots on an agfa synchro box .

Group 1

Below are two workers at easterleigh animal sanctuary . They look after all the animals on a daily basis walking feeding and cleaning out their homes .




The Phone box below to the right of the postbox and above the bush across the road my house and the only people that use it are drug addicts to either take their drugs or phone their dealer . There has been a few people taken away in an ambulance from that very spot . Looks very innocent until you know the truth , then it takes on a more sinister tone .



The above image is scanned from an ilford BW hp5 plus iso 400 film negative on an agfa synchro box brownie like camera , on a flexcolor 646 scanner .

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