Medium Format Portraiture

Portrait Images i took using medium format 120 film on a pentax 67 ” The Beast ” . For an anthropological analogue assignment called ” I am ” . I scanned the negatives onto a mac using the flextight software ( But left unaltered and as they are straight from the camera/negative ) and a flextight hasselblad scanner .

An interesting light leak effect which was a total fluke but adds to the image and i find it very interesting considering the guys dementia and health circumstances .dementia

I Am . Childrens Party Host .

This man worked in furry fandom costumes which he used to wear at children partys . His favourite was a cartoon gerbil  .

Furry Fandom Costume Wearer

I Am . A Retired ex-policeman


I Am . Divorced .


I Am .

Hungover . Divorced .

Double Exposure

Double Exposure

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