The Kodak Six-20 Folding Brownie was a viewfinder folding camera for making 6x9cm exposures on type No 620 rolls but can be re-spooled for 120 medium format . There were two models; the first was produced in the UK by kodak ltd from 1937-1940 and the second from 1948-1954


For my medium format portraiture module I used the mamiya 67b and the pentax 67 for most of my negatives . But I also decided to treat myself to a Kodak 620 brownie which takes medium format film . I got quite excited about the thought of taking portraits with this old camera and developing them in the darkroom . The photos which I took seemed to feel like they had a bigger sense of nostalgic value , simply to due to the fact that this camera was made in 1937 which is 78 year ago .

Imagine where this camera has been and what images it has took I would absolutely love to see them all .

The fact that Old Light from 70 years ago has entered the shutter and recorded an image on this brownie is a thrilling thought .

Trying to recreate a new exposure and bring it to life in the darkroom on this ancient art device seems amazing to me . New light making fresh exposures on a time-worn camera with all its tears , wear , blemishes , light leaks and originality that it will record onto the fresh negative in my era gives me a sense of excitement . I cant wait to get in the darkroom , develop the negatives and see the end result .

There wont be another image like it anywhere nor will anyone be able to recreate what I have done with this old brownie .

I am thought about taking portraits of old people who may have been around when it was developed to add to the nostalgic feel . Maybe they would remember it ? Anthropological Portraits of people in my time who were around at the height of its release . It all adds to what im trying to achieve in this project . A big sense of time gone by …Modern Nostalgia reborn through an ancient device .

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