White Power ………… Apparently

Does anyone have an opinion on this subject ?

A group of men were shouting remarks relating to muslims and the Taliban such as ” white power ” and ” Kill all muslims and the Taliban ” . They seemed worried about islam taking over our country and the world and the white race becoming extinct . Its amazing how far this fear is embedded in our culture nowadays and it is accountable for a lot of problems in society . The amount of ignorance astounds me . We created these problems ourselves and it is not just one sided or specific . It manifests itself in all walks of life and in all cultures and we need to correct them asap for our children to live in a sane and safe world . Shortly after getting this shot it became very heated and could of turned very nasty , luckily it was settled with everyone laughing and going their own ways due to me having a sense of humour and defusing the situation .

The people who hate are ignorant and usually Un-Educated and media brain washed for ulterior motives . Education is the key .

White Power

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