Metro imaging

Today was a good day …… I have not stopped all day and am still rushing to complete various tasks so i will have to make this a very rushed post .

We had a constructive critique and i enjoyed hearing some of the other students ideas a couple of which i really liked ( One seemed to be about how people and beauty are grossly and falsely represented in the media the other is showing peoples lives via their possessions in their draws etc and how they are represented in the differing areas via postcode )  and will be looking forward to seeing how they go in the future .

The thick description was a talking point today and that people should use it more in there module journals , this involves getting a much in depth information as possible on there module 404 ideas . We were told to research Martin parr June street Salford , Gentrification , Voyeurism , Anthropological studys and Anthropomorphic which is Applying human attributes to things and animals .

I am going to do more research with my 404 module and also take my medium format pentax 67 portraits in time for developing them on wednesday .

We had a lecture from Jack Quick at Metro Imaging Ltd who explained to us about different printing options which was quite interesting but the student sat next to me fell asleep and was talking away merrily and seemed to be having a fantastic dream lol .

Paul sleeping

I particularly liked the part about being a student ambassador for metro imaging , and the fact that we get student discount 😉


Black and white printcopy

Metro imaging do a service where i can upload prints online which i am quite interested in and may try it out along with their resin coated and fibre based for black/white printing ( Above is one of their prints which seemed of amazing quality  . They do format inkjet printing and some of their clients are tim flack , David bailey and the Royal family .


At dinner time i enjoyed the hunters chicken whilst waiting for the David quick lecture , i noticed there was a small birthday party going on opposite me .

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