Walking The Mile .

The Golden Mile .

Practicing the new HDR option on Photoshop CC .


The horseshoe in a sphere symbolises luck .

Which got me thinking .

Do you believe in luck ? If you do does it mean you are superstitious ? Why do people get hung up on things that don’t even matter . They let their minds get warped into twisted dimensions of reality . I think you need a bit of luck to survive in this world because people can become so bitter over the most trivial things . Arrogant and selfish jealous attitudes that stop people doing the right thing are the downfall of society and i don’t think it will ever be any different  because human nature and instinct is a hard thing to change . Most people won’t even realise they are doing wrong as they are too wrapped up in their own feelings .

Lets hope mankinds luck doesn’t run out . I feel theres going to be a lot needed in the near future with the current state of our planet . We have massive problems to overcome such as global warming and overpopulation amongst lots of others and we need to work together in an unselfish way to solve them .

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