I am .

Portraiture . Module 404 .

We had a week off and i have been out numerous times to shoot portraits for module 404 assignment  “Portraiture on location” . I have also been researching new portraiture techniques and ideas that fit into the module and to improve my photographic skills . I love getting out and meeting great new and genuine people , this week i have spoke to a lot of fantastic individuals and learnt a lot . Below are a few of the shots i got this week .

I Am .

Ex – Army .


Street Photography Portrait with a metz flash . Ex – Army service man , was leaving a food handout shelter with his wife and food package .16/01/2015 13:12 PM

ISO 100 20 mm F 5.6 1/200 sec

Metz Flash . Level with eyes and too the left

Nikon D5300 . Inspired by Lee Jeffries and Bruce Gilden

I Am .

 The Irish man .

Irish ManRS

16/01/2015 13:20 PM.

ISO 100 25 mm F 5.6 1/250 sec.

Metz Flash .

Nikon D5300 .

 Street Photography Portrait with a metz flash . After i got this picture I was talking with this man for about 10 minutes and allowed me to take other portraits as well . He was a very genuine guy who cracked a lot of Irish jokes and was concerned about the youth of today being quite arrogant . He said ” it will come to no good, there is too many of the little blighters ” .

I Am .

 Photographer .


 16/01/2015 13:09 PM

 ISO 200 20 mm F 5.6 1/200 sec

 Metz Flash . Level with chin and pointing upwards close and to the left .

Nikon D5300 . Below subject angled upwards and slightly to right .

 Street Photography Portrait with a metz flash . This guy was a photographer who reminded me of Father Jack Hackett From Father Ted . He didn’t want his picture taking at first but when we struck up a conversation about a similar interest he agreed quite readily .

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