Reflective journal

We have been asked by Alan to write a reflective journal to document what we have learned along with our experiences and problems . I got a new christmas present of a fuji x100s for my street photography , but also decided to use it whilst in uni to help document all i am learning .

Alan explaining lighting

In Alans lesson today we were learning about lighting in medium format portraiture . There were two soft boxes of which one was used to fill the shadows  and a modelling light for the subjects hair , which seemed to replicate and reminded me of the 2001 A Space Odyssey sunrise as it peered over darrens head . I could hear the tune in full surround sound as it rose over the barren wasteland in slow motion  .

2010 a space odyssy


Today we were given our grades back from our first assignment with large format cameras . I got a D which i was sort of expecting and i actually thought i would fail , because i didnt put enough research into it . I prioritised my other module on still life ( which i got a B in ) , the reason being was that i enjoyed the concepts and ideas around the whole assignment a lot more . Its not that i didnt enjoy the large format cameras its just that i didnt put the time and research into it because i spent more time on the still life and digital thus neglecting the large format analogue . My time management was not good , it was a case of leaving it until the last minute .

Today we learnt about researching ( The more you research , the more you learn and the more you can put into your work ) and how it is extremely important in art and photography , and that art and photography is actually more important than , lets say , potential medical research or a great mathematical theory of everything because it changes our culture , the very essence of our society for the greater good and our continued progression and evolution .

I need to keep my images and art as creative , communicative and pertinant as possible .

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